Tata Fest Soaring 2017 – – Weather

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Five Days out and the weather looks good for the 18th, and the next 4 days or so. Windguru has no rain penciled in until Tuesday 22nd


Aug 15   Friday breezy, Saturday calmer and rain Sunday – Monday, Friday and Saturday appear the best for the start of the Festival

Aug 17  Friday, winds reducing , Sat, Sunday Rain,   Tues conditions look Good


Aug 18 was a Good Soaring Day

Aug 19, clouds strong winds from south , rain in forecast as of noon no rain though. Next best opportunity may be Monday, with Friday the 25th looking even better

Aug 21   Westerly breezes today, and higher southerly flow tuesday and wednesday may force postponement of any flying until later in the week,

Early morning and evening activities may be possibly but please contact for more detailed information

Aug 23  Friday and Monday appear to be the better days at this point

AuG 27 The Final Day of Soar Fest.  Weather is Perfect.


aug 23



aug 15

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