Elio Build

A 120 Inch wingspan Version,  Elio X is also available

Apr 26 2014 Elio used as test sailplane for 1st ride up winch, went off without a hitch P1150971 elio1 April 10 Hand toss a success, Hi start Next P1150933 P1150934 P1150935 _________________________________________________________________________________ April 08 After a marathon covering session 20140408_185754 Servo setup, HS82 MG’s 20140408_190014 Next Elio fuse gets readied 20140408_194118 April 07 So, finally some progress tips getting covered P1150932 Mar 05 Paint, brushed on thin coats , these pics where taken after 3 coats. Block sanded in between coats, paint scheme coming next P1150863 P1150869 P1150871 Rudder ready to go P1150873 P1150874 —————————————————————————– Feb 26 P1150856 P1150844 P1150843 P1150841     Feb 25 P1150833   P1150834   P1150835   P1150840 —————————————————-——————————————————————————————- Feb 23 Fuse setting level and square to stabs as I glue in stab pivot rod P1150827 Fin sheeting in place P1150828 rear bottom 1/8 balsa in place P1150831 fin fillet 3/8 sheet in place P1150832 —————————————————————————- Fuselage http://foresthaveninn.com/wordpress/?p=67 Wings http://foresthaveninn.com/wordpress/?p=100 Feb 10 Spoiler servo hatch, some 1/8 x 1/4 spars and 1/16 ply make this cover to access the spoiler servo bay in the fuselage P1150792 Feb 09 2014 Fin with stab control cable in place. This cable is inserted before fin side balsa is added. P1150775 Fin 3/32 balsa sheets P1150776