Dec 2017, Stink Tier , the Build and Hunt for Parts

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             Woo hoo, we have Plans, and ribs not much else though

From Plans Nov 05, very much a Scratch Build Plane gonna be at this for a bit I reckon, should be fun though.

Tubing needed  for wings, tail all the lengths can be measured off the plans

  • 3mm – leading edges
  • 4mm
  • 6mm
  • 8mm
  • 10mm
  • 12mm
  • 15mm
  • 20mm
The CF Tail Boom is 35mm diameter at the fuse end and 25mm diameter at the tail end…..1180 mm long (as measured on the plans).
This must be a bidirectional weave? These numbers are Measured off the Plans

Fuselage ( some additional Info)

50 deep x 40 wide by the le and 70 deep and 40 wide halfway......made to fit the 
servos  batt etc.

1.1 meter from the rear bolt to the hing line on the rudder

Yoke home made but from CF perfect.

Main spar tubes made for >> me,,,,,UD   (uni Directional  WH) >> carbon very

>>> but
>>> there are many available in Europe. > No diagonal ribs, >> Just 3 x 5 mm
>> hard > balsa strips > Fuselage, just 5 and 10 mm plus some >> block >>
>> balsa
>> sanded > to shape and skinned > in carbon and painted. > 
Wing MAke sure that main spar tubes are VERY strong and will not twist!!!! Yes, D box 
A carbon skin. But hard balsa is fine Yes about .5 carbon, or .5 ply
Incidence is 2.3 degrees. but AMT so not to worry
Woo hoo, we have Plans, and ribs not much else though

Nov 06

Consider tubes  1.5 MM wall for main panel, 1 MM for the tip panels


3k CF tube Matt Twill

Mr C has 11 Types of Cf sheet tube in Factory

1. 3K Roll 100% Carbon fiber Round Tube-Light-Plain
2. 3K Roll 100% Carbon fiber Round Tube-Light-Twill
3. 3K Roll 100% Carbon fiber Round Tube-Matt-Plain
4. 3K Roll 100% Carbon fiber Round Tube-Matt-Twill
5. 100% Carbon fiber Round Tube-Original black
6. 100% Carbon fiber Square tube-Original black(Square hole / Round hole)
7. 100% Carbon fiber Round Rod-Original black
8. 100% Carbon fiber Square Rod-Original black
9. 3K 100% Carbon fiber cloth-with black and other colors
10. 3K 100% Carbon fiber cloth-Plating Silver (Plain/Twill),This is the first choice for DIY, it can be spray the color of your favorite.
11. 3K 100% Carbon fiber sheet/plate-Light/Matt-Plain/Twill (Cut by CNC according to your drawings.)


100% CF tube black



samples sample1
































Nov 08

Ultracote is on it’s way….for an idea of what I’m thinking (currently) just picture trans blue on the center panel, with a white fuse and black boom. I may use that lite trans white
as well perhaps mid span, but I also have some fluorescent trans yellow on the way just to see what it looks like…..

Boom 35 to 25 mm 1.2 meter long 1.2 to 1.5 mm thick

My take on CF needed, your mileage may be different, a Scratch Builders Kit for sure













3mm 1 x 1.6M 2 x 50 cm 1 x 40 cm 2 x 50 cm
4mm 2 x 62 cm 2 x 50 cm
6mm OD – 4mm ID 2 x 50 cm 1 x 40 cm 2 x 62 cm
8mm OD – 6mm ID 1 x 10 cm

1 x 40 cm

2 x 62 cm
10mm OD – 8mm ID 1 x 1.6M 2 x 50 cm
12mm OD – 19mm ID 1 x 1.6M
15mm OD – 13mm ID 2 x 62 cm
20mm OD – 17mm ID 1 x 1.6M 1 x 40cm
3/16″ Rod or 4mm 2 x 12 cm
6mm Rod 1 x 11 cm 2 x 8 cm
8mm Rod 2 x 12 cm
Trailing edge .8mm x 25.4mm


2 x 1M 2 x 50 cm 1 x 40 cm 2 x 62 cm 2 x 50 cm


Mr C cannot provide tapered tube, have found another source, and inquired

will still offer list for rest of CF to him to get a Quote Shipped

Nov 10

All trailing edges 1 mm thick CF will get the width from the plans. and notch ribs to suit.

Consider applying a thin cap strip over top to strengthen joint

I’m beginning to see this come together with CF tubes in the fuse boom back to the tail




6100 and 6125e(stab) for the fuse

6125 minis for the wing

4 cell Eneloop for the battery.

Nov 16

I have glued up a few pieces of balsa to a CF tube.

At rear I used something called Lepages 100% glue, in a red bottle, it stays soft well after three days. Seems plieable, and If pushed hard enough nearest the tube the balsa wood move and the glue appears to want to shear

Nearer I use JB weld, it’s black, and not so nice If you don’t get a clean fillet. I like to use JB weld for CF push rod end to threaded link glue joints.

The two nearest glue joints are with Laminating resin

The nearest I use a baby powder filler to give it some viscosity to hold a fillet shape, and the 2nd one in from the front has shredded FG strands added.

With the shredded FG strands a little more care needs to be taken to create a uniform fillet as some strands get hooked on my fillet tool.


p1190129 p1190128



Perhaps Carbon fiber LE D box sheeting

. 5 mm thick

Bonding CF to Balsa

Thinking either

hysol 22163m