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thin ca 1 oz

tips for ca

med ca 1 oz

3 servos

motor space for wires is critical, wires coming out from rear of can , are easily routed away from spinning outrunners

  • Motors , some Options I came across
  • Dualsky XM2838EG-11L
  • Tenshock EDF 1515-15T gearbox 5: 1
  • X-Power F2919/10 F5J
  • Mega 16/07/04e PG 4,7:1
  • Turnigy gliderdrive, 50amp ESC, 1300mah 3S HV and 13×6 folder.

Altitude Limiter: Soaring Circuits Competition Altimeter CAM (ALES)

Servos: KST  DS213

Batteries: Tattu 3S 850mAh 45C XT60

ESC:   Castle Creations  Talon 25-25 Amp Electronic Speed Controller with Heavy Duty BEC

Prop:  Aeronaut Cam 11″X7″ (28×18 cm)

Spinner: 34mm Diameter Turbo Folding Prop Spinner

motor mount