Leprechaun Build 2020

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Belair Short Kit

Materials List from Belair….

How many rolls of covering?

2 hv6100

2 hv 6110

A Bit More Stuff

1 I would like the wing to slide together at the center and I will tape and rubber band them to the pylon.
2 removable stab

2 wing Panels

3 1/2 sq x 36

9 1/4 sq x 36

4 3/8 sq x 48

28 3/8 sq x 36

4 1/8 x 3 x 36 Good stuff

8 1/16 x 3 x 36 Good stuff D Box Sheet

4 1/2 sq x 36 spruce Inner Panel Spars

Stab Measurements

47 1/2 x 12

Rib w1 18 inches long

spoilers wider solid wood , not open

I see this model has fillets at some vertical to horizontal fuse side joints, no this is not my build

There’s a belly plate as well, something is needed for a towhook

Not much room for ballast, servos and receiver well forward though

Pylon for wing and stab seems to be a variation from the Belair Drawing

March 28

a bit of a look thru the short Kit, not everything pictured came from Belair , but was purchased seperate

Pylon for the wing, still gotta wrap my head around how this is gonna work
woo hoo, look what we have here
In the box.
will have to sort thru this, nice CF rod seperatly purchased
There’s an awful lot of Undercamber here, these were in the short Kit
More 1/4 Inch
Just really nicely done ribs
Trailing edge shapes
stab bits from 1/4 balsa
didn’t check the thickness, looks like 3/16, 1/4, and 1/2 as well as 1/16 on the outside lookin in ,this Balsa is not included in the short KIT:)
Big Block
Nice stash of Lumber. This plane is big though
This has been a rather interesting observation, it appears 4 inch width balsa is needed for d box sheet not 3, as perhaps I will but a 1 inch piece onto the 3 Inch I have.

I read somewhere that the chord on this wing is 19 Inch, I will join the 3 Inch sheeting as needed to use for the d box.

No reference that I can find anywhere for the use of the 3 x 1/16 sheeting shown on the Materials list, so I would guess that’s the intent.

Perhaps back in the day 3 Inch was cheaper and easier to get

Onward and Upward

time to get at the Build

a clean slate, fine sheet of gyproc wallboard 20 x 60 or so
1/2 x 1/2 balsa spars and Trailing edge
the tip panel includes 4 ribs including the root, there is lots of undercamber complicating the build
the spars have to be tapered from the 3rd rib from the tip, and it appears perhaps a bit of a curve needs to be added into the top spar
I will just set the ribs to the plans
the TE meets the spar at the tip on the top, not the bottom due to the undercamber
the last ribs notch at the bottom is not 1/2 inch deep
17 1/4 inch tip panel results in 18 degree or so angle, I am gonna go with that, it also is confirmed on the plans
I have both left and right lower spar marked for the rib locations, and opposite just to be certain
tip polyhedral angle

Next Up more tip Panels

LE 3/8 x 3/8 needs to be slit and bent to shape, take care to tie in as well at center of rib front face
LE where formed glued then added to panel
9 degree jig here, though I would recommend this rib get added later when tip panel is fitted to inner panel
notches need to be widened, not 1/4
laser cut tip LE fit in nicely
there’s quite a bit of undercamber, did I mention that earlier πŸ™‚
and the thickness is near 2 inch
supplied inner panel joiner, box needs to be made for both wings to suit
Joiner, rectangular cutout for joiner box, CG mark rearward of two spar notches
notches tight for 1/2 x 1/2 will clean out, with a file
somewhere within this span I can add spoiler opening

the Inner big Panel

front edge of ribs, both sides the same, height needs to be trimmed to same end to end for each panel
aligned with a 1/2 x 1/2 block there are some variances in the 1/ 4 x 1/4 notches that will get cleaned thru with a file
retainer nibs get cleaned off on lower edges
upper spar notches, I am glad I aligned this all beforehand rather then just dump the glue to the whole lot, this is what you get with a short kit, a one time effort to create files for laser cutting and no clean up later by the Kit Crafters . Just because it’s laser cut doesn’t mean it will just fall together!
forward 1/4 sub spar notches
aft upper notch
will pass a block over all edges to clean some of the char as well
4 inch plus for 7 degrees at the root rib for a huge 14 Deg dihedral angle
root rib, I will get a whole thru here for a 5/16 rod
spars marked, for rib placement, left and right
5/16 plus center for wing rod tube
something like this should work, I’ll extend the brass in as far as possible and box it all in later , woo hoo nice
some rib notches need to be cleared to fit the spar, will check top notches as well
the chord is more then 12 Inch πŸ™‚
Noice !

Does this Plane need spoilers

more then an inch wide, spoilers spoilers
notches to suit clearance for the spoilers 2 ribs each side
lasered out some square holes for spoiler servo rails
and a rear notch for a sub spar
this should work, but I see I need some notches at each end of the spoiler bay for the spoiler sub spar to carry through
so , here we are, some more notches
top surface clamped and aligned
this should work, other panel prepped as well

what about holes for servo leads

got some clearance holes for servo wire
gonna build on a 1inch block, with a quides at the LE, and square the ribs to the lower spar in two planes
a little patch of wax paper at each rib intersection
straight more or less, the LE will help here later on
I wouldn’t want to do this in my lap (winging it or freestyle?)
both left and right, still need to add the root ribs
close, some like to set one wing panel on another, a good time to check for symetry or lack of:)
this is the ply root rib , yes your right , there’s no ply root cap in the kit. I like caps to clean things up πŸ™‚
Cookies any one, we have made 11 varieties, 20 KG or so

Back at it


inner panel trailing edges, one has quite the twist in it, long pieces laser cut, huum

Caught just now

Movin along, Short Kits

Lots of details that need sorting , wing joiners panel joiners shear webbing and doublers, Spoiler opening and fillets,

tip panel joiners
tip panel longeron detail 1/4 x 1/4
ply and balsa, I like the ply to be fairly accurate and sand the softer material down
join like this , I see there’s some sanding and clean up to be done on the trailing edge
as well as the root intersection
spoiler opening ends , curved fillet template , I will need for of these
spoiler opening 1/4 x 1/4 sub spar
1/8 fillet material marked and pre cut , need to add the 1/2 round shape
like this , they get glued in place with weldbond
that pretties things up and gives me something to nail the covering too, Huum what Color πŸ™‚
first set of wing rod tubes, and end plugs
adding wing root ply caps , so a 1/8 spacer is used where the two inner panels come together
lots of dihedral
3/8 shear web fillers
5/16 ID brass tubes, centered

there’s more to these wings

more shear webs into the first few bays beyond the joiner tube
the joiner box for the second forward wing rod, do you have to use both wing rods, perhaps no, also 8mm CF rod might be an option in your situation
2 x 5/16 rod
forward sides of joiner boxes
right wing inner panel
right root
stab spars need slices
stab tip 1/4 inch sheet
forward ply shear webs

lots of undercamber

CG location, chord is around 19 1/2 inch
aft wing
shear web ply doubler
spars are not located vertically one over the other
stab spar on drawing , big wow, add a straight line
Tip pieces left and right cut from two different files, trim to same size
TE 1/4 sheet, not symetrical end to end , builder take note
there’s room here at this joint to fit as I go along
right side
more dry fitting and alignment, turns out the ribs locations shown are not perpendicular to spar, buyer beware
I will set the ribs with a square as I glue them
1 extra rib, spaced these two center ribs at 2 inch
slowly making my way forward and defining set locations, glue to follow
of course the two tip pieces need to align and end at the correct spots
aft rib ends get a slight angled cut
glue here all OK
off the board, soon I have to cut the aft 1/3 away
I added the cut lines before I removed from board
seems to me this is more then 4 ft

More Stab, big cut

1/4 x 1/2 Caps. 2 pieces
mark the notches transfer them over
some notches, cleaned out with a file
some cuts thru the ribs with the japeneese saw, and then some relief was needed for the cap thickness minus the notch dpth
4 ft level gets the back edge somewhat straight
this should work, gonna need a bolt beam spreader to hold this all to the fuse at some point
I like this
I will add some gussets later

Fuselage, wow no wood in the short kit for this, well except a few pieces at the fin, rudder

You’ll need 7 ft or so of 3/8 material for each of the longerons, 2 splices in my case
curves, I did wet down and set beforehand, the front 6 inch or so on both needed slits to turn the tighter radius
each vertical set was cut in 2’s and the pins where left on board for the second side
diagonals cut in two directions where they meet the corner
This is a big step in defining the shape, build accurate
I will decide later whats left and right
just a close up and I did use some scraps to protect the wood from the pins
aft fuselage,
both sides up. will clean up and set up for cross pieces tying one to the other

Big ply wing pylon, doesn’t look nice

pylon sits in this area
pylon needs to tie in top and bottom
fuse is 3 3/4 wide in this wing area
tow hook location
this is gonna get big real soon
more chord on the rudder, some of these round pieces came with the short kit
elevator up down clearance at pylon
some notches here
and here
hinge posts, what hinges?
I will round out some of this later
the entire aft structures sets between the fuse sides
and I will search for a nice taper
1 1/2 wide at rear , I hope not
when in Rome, do like the Romans
need some top pylon ledge here
timber frame
a couple bolts should hold the stab in place
I have rounded out the openings in the fin and rudder
missing fillets will contour later
sheeting needed here
I like this

More on Stab support

hardpoints for the stab mounting
I will have to cut some square holes thru the lower sheet
and then add a lite ply load spreader
and a doubler, just in case
doubler gets laminated
interlocks between the spars
with an aft taper to allow clearance for the top sheet
Hinges for the stab and rudder, these are a Possibility ??
screws, hardpoint drilled and counterbored
this should be clean , I will have to counter bore and drill the forward hardpoint

two mounting screws

I still need to clean up this area before I add some top sheeting
Here , the underside of the stab where the hardpoints will match up to the pylon
I will add these wings to the pylon to get a little more width for the stab perch
More shaping is needed
and round out the LE of the Pylon as well
perch gussets sheeted on top with some 1/16 cross wise
3 robart hinges, I will pull the rivets later and add a long piece of MW
shaping the U/S fillet
try to get a tite hingeline where the rudder moves freely
stab pylon looking spify
something has to give here as I like to see the aft of the fuse with similar to the rudder width,
pylon tie in
1/4 sheet fore and aft
fuse is 3 3/4 wide at pylon area
4 mm tow hook
sandwich buildup, tow hook structure

fuselage sides

a little sanding here before the sides get put together
fuse side at rear
squares are helpful
the portion of the fuse near the pylon has the sides parallel to each other
full crosspieces with slots will locate the center ply pylon
more cross pieces, to tie the center fuselage sides together
and as well support the wing pylon, and the tow hook
I have added some good ply , where the tow hook fits
nose block , with hollow center this will get glued together later
glued and clamped, will require considerable shaping later
cross pieces, cut in pairs where required, square
some braces where used in some places, temporary will be removed later
ply bulkhead, supplied on the short kit, I want access from rear
OK, a little clean up is needed at the edges
fits here, and draws the nose together so have to place the fuse on a line over the board
shape templates come in handy as I get the nose rounded
Table truss bridge
Hopefully this is close, so much easier to sand now, then when attached to the fuselage
I cobbled together a jig to bring the forward end of the fuse sides together

June o3, some Pictures, with few words

some more snap shots

More Fuselage

stab center upper sheeting
stab pylon, still needs some clean up before I will glue it in place
more on finger grips lower fuselage corners
some filler sheet, mostly for support for ultracote, and support to wing pylon
lower sheet in place, and lightly sanded
been toiling with this forward lower opening for a while, there is a lower 3/8 x 3/8 skid as well that traverses this opening
some shape detail for the opening sheet
square out and remove material from both sides
clean the corners working towards a round fillet
3/8 x 3/8 is difficult to bend so I will build up from 3 pieces
tail skid will get a strip of CF, I will add it after covering
that forward lower sheeting needs a backbone to hold the curve
backbone added and glued
will have to clean up ends and glue in place
this should work out well
I have touched the nose a bit more with the belt sander to get it closer to final shape
coming together well here
this is cleaning up nice, huum where can I add more wood Haven’t looked at the wings in a while πŸ™‚

June 14

the home stretch,

Short Kits are great, free flight Models as well, tooling and building a short kit , and converting it to RC takes time.

I have experienced all the nuances of this build as every corner has presented a hurdle and a decision needed to be made.

So, some more pictures cleaning up some of the details, adding some pieces and hopefully this will all come together, I’m sure it will be a Great Plane

I decided to wrap the smaller joiner box
anchored here with some CA
some weight at the end to hold things tite as I pulled the loops around
and the occasional dab of CA to hold a turn
spoiler servo, a tray as well as blocks for screws used later to hold the aft spoiler corners down
tray gets screwed down into a couple cross pieces
other panel
root template, need a couple 1/16 ply roots cut, as well as the 4 stops for the spoilers with screws
rounded up some 1 1/4 inch material for the spoilers, woo hoo
magic, comes together
Magnets for the aft corners of the spoilers
gussets for the aft end of the ribs
supports at the inner panel roots for some 1/16 sheet
sheeting will join in with the forward d box, and fillet in aft at the TE
getting set up for servo mounts, spoilers need actuators
root rib plywood caps, not part of the cut , made these extra
d box sheeting, top and bottom full leading edge all 4 wing panels
I like to make sure there is full contact with the ribs and glue as well, when the d box is closed in it’s really hard to see how well you did
had to add an extra 1/2 inch or so to the sheeting to make it wide enough
This is not clear on the Materials List
tip panel sheeting
leading edge requires a lot of work,. to blend in with the ribs, do as much of this shaping before gluing it into place
I think here I’m getting a straight edge on a piece of d box sheet
the panels had to come together sooner or later, spend some time with this dry fitting and aligning
now for some doublers
upper d box sheet, I prefer to do my sheeting after panels are joined unless of course . If the airfoil has a flat bottom, then I will glue the ribs to the lower sheeting
use plenty of pins
this panel is about ready for the upper 1/16 inch sheet
again more pins
color, color
lead is your friend
precutting upper tip panel sheet to approximate shape
underside of one of the wing tips
I have the root caps cleaned up, and added some holes
Trailing edge , lots of detail here to blend to the top of the ribs, and down to a suitable TE thickness
well, the wing pylon, it needs shape, and a cavity to pass servo leads thru, so here is my attempt
and of course the wing perches at the top of the pylon, more art πŸ™‚
was thinking like this
here is the U/S of the wing where it meets the Pylon
and the forward perch, not the slot in the wing where the servo lead will later drop out
aft wing pylon perch
building an airfoil on the pylon, here are some of the pieces
another wing underside shot
adding the sheet
no sheet yet, but the foundation is there
I will need to shape this later

More stuff, sanding and detail clean up, numerous enough, but I have a list now .

rudder with some ply doublers in place where the horn attaches, still have to add the hinges and size
stab pylon set up, straight to the forward end of the fuse, and vertical.
I used long set epoxy where the posts from the pylon go down thru the fuselage sides, routing for the two pushrods is figured out so watching closely not to block that route
squares help with alignment and centering
front underside
3 layer forward skid gets centered here as well, some time later
added some more 3/8 sq trusses
keel, marked a couple holes, drilled thru and them hand cut with a jewelers saw
saved some at the tail
this should work, after a little clean up

united colors

April 16 2020

june 20