Eneloops, these NiMH a Good Choice

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That time of year again, snow on the southern periphery of the field, frost out of the ground. It’s time to check those batteries, and assemble some planes

Eneloops are a good choice for  RES Planes as well as Nostalgia and F3J

4 cell or 5 cell packs  AA  size. They weigh app, 108 Grams(4 cell Pack), and usually add the needed weight as well, over a lighter chemistry such as LiFe

I have custom packs, as well as packs I soldered together myself and found no differences in performance

A reminder though , these are the 2000 MaH packs or cells,  I have heard the black cells , I believe they are 2500maH (pro), do not offer the same performance, so I keep away from those.

The Sirius Chargers as well as discharger work well to maintain these batteries. After sitting for months, over winter, I will cycle them a couple times and see Capacities within 5 to 10% of the battery rated capacity.

With the flying season at hand, all these packs are in a box , ready to go and placed into a plane as needed.

After a few hrs flying of each model, or at the end of the day, I remove the batteries and charge them overnight with a standard wall Charger,and place them back into the charged box. Ready for the next days flying

I have used some AAA Eneloop packs in other equipment, and did not feel they offered the same versatility as the AA cells.

These AA cells where originally made by Sanyo, and now Panasonic. There is some discussion that the Panasonics are not of the same quality.

Never having been able to compare I can offer that the packs I use hold up to the rigors of my kind of flying 🙂

It’s March time to get flying