Durex V

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Some sailplane model specs

To the Build Here

Build in the works, will start with two short Kits and Plans, there is lots of lumber needed, well source a couple belcranks thru Europe. Apparently they are the same as what was included in Aquila Kits . Lets see

This is a dual wingrod design, I believe 7/32 rods, so will need some ejector pins to cut down, main spars are beefy 1/2 x 1/8 sitka.

I like the string set up for spoilers, similar to the Legionairs, though the string exits out of the wing root feeding forwards. Retaining the wings will be a bit tougher with eyes that are well back of the canopy opening in the fuselage. Somewhat hard to reach into there to hook on a spring or rubber band

Other option would be tape, though not my preferred method.

1/16″ SS cables would work for rudder and horizontal stab control, running in nylon tubes

Power could be via a 4 cell AA eneloop pack, 5 cell may fit, will need to check that though

Back to the wing mounting, the fillets are built up of 1/8 ply , 1/2 balsa and the fuse side is 1/4 inch ,

this means a rather lengthy eye on the wing root , perhaps with a 1 Inch extension

Follow Up Aug 2023

Exploring lighter 7075 -T5 wing rods

Like to retain the wings with eyes, and spring just not sure how to access the space to secure the spring

Paint Scheme

Plane A

wing Bottom, black with orange stripe as pictured , top ,,red forward at LE and white aft towards TE all tail surfaces ultracote lite transparent