Bowlus Baby Albatross, 2015

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May 11


Tools, along with a set of magnifiers so I can see this better, I have to get 26 stars in place


Each star will get cut out separately, and one at a time I’ll set them in the water and with a fine paint brush slide them into position


Lexan template scribed in 13 places helps in locating each star on the circumference,  later I will move it to the opposite side


3 stars in place, point up arms horizontal


The money shot

P1180735 P1180742

P1180725 P1180727 P1180728 P1180729 P1180732

May 08


Easier to cut the canopy from a formed piece of Lexan then to cut the lexan and form it.


canopy formed and a simple effort with scissors will get the shape, then I will clean the edges


Second one turned out useable



taped at three places to see if the fit is good



Glued in place, and trim added


Keel wear strip, will get a piece of rubber shortly


lower wing strut mount, small hole next to it is where a small rod is inserted to remove wheel axle


Rubber landing strip held in place while glue sets

P1180711 P1180712 P1180719 P1180720


May 05

A few more random pictures. Aileron servo linkage, spoiler mechanism, wing root to fuse connection.

P1180639-001 P1180640-001 P1180641-001 P1180643-001 P1180644-001 P1180648 P1180650 P1180652 P1180653 P1180654 P1180655 P1180657 P1180658 P1180659 P1180675




May 02


Second time has gotta be a charm


Here we go a little red, I like to remove the tape, while the red is still tacky.


Next up blue


Apr 28

The home stretch, paint paint.

P1180574-001 P1180574-002 P1180575-002 P1180576-002 P1180577-002 P1180578-002 P1180579-002 P1180580-002 P1180581-002 P1180582-002 P1180583-002 P1180587-002 P1180588-002 P1180589-002 P1180590-002

Apr 24


Rudder once again covered and painted white


boom in fuse pod


a little brown, spoilers instrument panel as well as fuselage cap


Nose, silver


Instrument panel, with gauge trim rings


Servo harness connector


wing servo connectors


Fuse inside, I have added a splash of brown where the canopy opening is





Apr 18


Rudder with color detail, red and white stripes, with blue patch and 13 stars. Why just 13 stars you ask?


Rudder with blue patch masked off


First step get the white area painted


Bim Bam Bino, whats a seat without a little padding


Genuine BMW leather, 70’s Vintage as well


Boom, forward end with controls for stab and rudder


Boom, tail end


Apr 15


There’s really not a lot of color on the BA


Fuselage needs another coat of clear


Stab set needs brown on the sheeted leading edges


Fin and sub fin ready for cover, brown will come later


fin and sub fin covered


stabs cleaned and sanded


stab underside cover in place

P1180531-001 P1180532-001 P1180535-001


Apr 07


Windshield templates, I went thru a few before I decided on a final shape at the left


Lexan windshield


Dashboard backer will give me a little more grip for holding the windshield in place later


Early windshield , to upright


Height seems good though


Bim Bam Bino


Spoiler servo access hatches


After some adjustments I have located the servos


Servo block mounts get glued into place


Blocks in place


and some pins get pushed thru from the underside


Apr 04


Wing strut mount point, I have 3/8 holes to add 3/8 plywood plugs to provide a firmer bearing area for the struts


a 6 32 blind nut will get fitted thru from the inside


I will add a plate of some sort to this side to hold the wheel axle in place


a little clean up here where the wing meets the fuselage


both wings


I think I’m getting there and soon can add the Solartex


flying lead for servo control


corresponding servo lead on inside of fuselage


magnet location for seat


corresponding magnets on rear of seat


seat in place




Mar 29

Cosmetic, trim and leather work

P1180468 P1180474 P1180476 P1180477 P1180478 P1180479 P1180480 P1180482 P1180487



Mar 25


Spoiler bay, and door with hinge pockets in place


spoilers are made of 1/8 ply, and retained when down at corners with magnets and screws. I’ll need to do some finishing on these and allow for solartex thickness around opening


I hope I can drive these open with the 6100 servos, and have them close by themselves. Rather not get into linkages which are a nuisance, and often cause servo hum or need wide tolerance holes or slots at the ends, this can get complicated.


Hinge pocket from the underside


Fuselage top cap retainers, the LE is held in place thru the shape of the wing LE, and at the rear I have added some ply slide type retainers/clips. Once the top cap gets slid back it is firmly held down at the rear, and of course the LE is held in with the round button that fits into the boom. Voila, I hope this is not to complicated, this scheme means no tools or screws which is a plus.


The corresponding slides on the underside of the top cap


Top cap shown here slid back into place.


Mar 23


Servo cables for aileron and spoiler servos


tail boom front end with two control cables


My test with brown paint , solartex and undercamber


both ailerons they still need a bit of finishing


fuselage top cap, two pieces of 1/64 plywood


Fuselage top cap glued and set


stuff everywhere, soon time to tidy up

P1180450 P1180448 P1180446 P1180445 P1180441 P1180438 P1180437 P1180436

Mar 13

Thought I would take a moment and slide some things together. The sniffer still needs a bit of work but looks good.

P1180416 P1180415 P1180414


Mar 12


Last strip goes in here, and it will be buttoned up


Tail boom is secured thru here and wing rod goes thru these 5/16″ ID tubes


a shot looking forward from the trailing edge


126 strips were needed to cover the fuselage



Mar 08

P1180370 P1180373 P1180389 P1180391 P1180399 P1180400 P1180401


Feb 29


Aft end of the fuselage where all the strips come together to a point. Should be interesting to see how this cleans up later


I added some glass at the bottom of the fuse where the tow hooks sits



Feb 27


One strip at a time, either side. I spend about 20 minutes or so per strip planing and sanding to shape. Once it fits in snugly to the previous piece I add the glue, clamps and pins. Slowly but surely I’m making my way around. This is gonna clean up really nice and be a beauty when stained and finished.


After the third day of sheeting I am at this point.:):) Most of the time is waiting for glue to dry.



Feb 24


Nose block comes together, I’ll shape it and hollow it out after


Fuselage planks, 35 pieces will get me to the removable canopy. That will be nice


1st piece gets clamped on, after this each piece will get shaped for and aft to fit




2 and 3


back to the tip


I like it



Feb 19


Some fresh air and sunshine. moving to the lab to get the root caps glued in place


Spoilers and spoiler hinges


Spoiler bay pockets to suit the bay end of the hinge. The plans appear to indicate these holes should go thru the spar , I didn’t like that


Magnets and stops


Wing to fuselage transition

P1180329-001 P1180330-001 P1180334-001 P1180335-001 P1180336-001



Feb 10

Wing struts, the BA will likely fly without them, but that wouldn’t be authentic. They are a nuisance so hopefully If the 4 screws get lost they can be easily replaced, of course if it was a display model I could just glue everything together


I have gathered some bits for the struts, had to consult with Boeing as the Parts List continues to grow for this plane.. 🙂 Collars 6-32 t-nuts and screws. As well some music wire and aluminum tubing.


Music wire gets silver soldered and collars added




aluminum over assembly before adding the collar to the other end



Feb 05


I have to add some support for the control cables just beyond the servos in the fuselage. I have put together a couple pieces for this


I still need to drill a hole and add some slots for the upper movable portion shown here in the clamp


Clamp in place, access to the screw is from above next to the tail boom



Feb o1


Stab and rudder servos, near side. I have to add some support where the control cables pass thru the bulkhead. 2-56 ends have been added and silver soldered in place


both ailerons with holes in place for hinges


aileron hinges and support blocks


aileron servo with access/ mount covers and mounting blocks


mounts and arm clearance holes in place


servo mount blocks get a pin thru from the underside


aileron control horn with mount blocks



Jan 16


Rudder push rod tube exit


Stab servo near side. I will add some support for the push rod tubes later


Stab bell crank later gets covered with sub fin




Jan 13

It’s morning here, and it snowed overnight all schools are closed. I just shoveled a path to the shop and the Chicken Run.

We have had a couple snowfalls since Christmas however yesterday most of that snow was gone. Last nights snowfall appears to be around 10 inch.

Oh well :):)




The more I looked at the position of the tow hook near the wheel the more I realized it wouldn’t work, and lead to a mess:):) So, I’ve marked a point forward at the keel where a line at an angle of 30 Deg from the CG meets the keel. Better


Some BA’s I’ve seen had no root fillets where the stab pieces meet the boom. That didn’t seem so clean, so I have fashioned fillets


Fin fillet, rounded at 1″ diameter where it meets the boom. Later I’ll sand it down flush with the boom so the fin touches the boom at the center


Fillet set and glued


Yesterday there was very little snow left from the couple snowfalls we have had since Christmas. Looks to be app. 10 inches out there , oh well:):)


Jan 05 2016

A Model wing section for a system for attaching Solartex to an Under cambered wing

P1180098 P1180097 P1180094 P1180093


and some detail where the wheel and towhook get placed

P1180145 P1180148


right wing panel, and filler sheet



Dec 17

Nice , the plywood sheet adds more Torsional Rigidity then Balsa. Well it feels like that . 🙂

The last of the 8 main sheets is now in place. Soon I will get to sanding, shaping and attaching the aileron hinges



Right panel tip sheet underside in place


Upper tip




Dec 13

It’s been 10 days I see. Most of the work recently has been related to finishing the wings and how they join to the fuse. So, not a lot of opportunity for new pictures.

Here’s a few though, hopefully showing how I decided to do this:):)


The sheeting goes down better with some preforming


Setting the incidence for both panels where they join the fuselage


I gathered some of my weights LoL. Sheeting in place


Locating the left wing panel to the fuse, and gluing the incidence pin


Voila, 1 sheet down 7 to go


shaping some of the top inboard sheet filler pieces


Up and down LE sheet in place, strong wing

P1180026-001 P1180031-001 P1180032-001 P1180034-001


Dec 03

Snow storm imminent 4 -6 ” snow in the hills, Colchester and Cumberland Counties in Nova Scotia. Rain today, but temperature cooling thus snow tonight.

Last year we had plenty, mind you not till the end of January.


Febuary 2015, plenty of snow headed towards Truro over Nuttby Mtn.

Boom cut to required length, I’ll add a button later to close the opening.


Plans show a formed sheet that is later added to cover the top of this wing root transition

P1180014-001 P1180015-001

Laminated 1/8 ply for support where wing supports later attach to fuselage

P1180016-001 P1180017-001

Trailing edge, with under cambered wing I thought it best to make the bottom flush with the ribs, as the top is easier to sand later where the TE is thicker then the ribs

P1180019-001 P1180020-001 P1180021-001 P1180023-001




Nov 30

Wing root fairing being set in place with support at rear where incidence pin passes through the fuse


Here with the boom removed it becomes clear how this all is coming together


Wing servo wiring and connectors pass thru the ply root ribs

P1180010-001 P1180011-001 P1180012-001

The 1/64 ply on the wings trailing edge where the ailerons were cut out requires a bit of trimming. Easily removed with a plane taking care not to hook the ribs as I pass by




Nov 26

I cut some tip sheet from 1/32 ply


In order to get some of the root work done on the wings, I am back at dealing with where the wing meets the fuselage. With Plug in Play wings, I need some structure to support the connector for the servo wiring as well as a fairing between the wing root and the fuselage. To complicate this all , I want a removable boom.

P1170991-001 P1170992-001 P1170993-001



Nov 22

Setting the leading edge ply from one of the ailerons. When the ailerons get cut out they develop a life of their own, so I made sure to add the diagonals before the surgery and then I have them held flat and straight while the glues sets


Here both leading edges have been added, they will need a little cleaning up


The wing where the aileron was removed, once this is cleaned up and flat I’ll add some 1/64 ply


Since the leading edge d-box ply hasn’t been added to the wing yet, it is still rather flimsy, so I have staked it to the board flat and straight.

Then I glued the ply to the trailing edge opening


P1170989-001 P1170990-001



Nov 21

One of the ailerons cut from the wing


1/64 plywood gets added here to the face of the aileron LE as well as the TE of the wing section


1/64 plywood strips


Setting up an aileron for the addition of diagonals

P1170967-001 P1170968-001 P1170969-001

Servo covers and support rails for spoilers and ailerons

P1170970-001 P1170975-001 P1170976-001





Nov 20


The tip ply was not part of the Partial Kit, so here are a couple of them cut from lite ply. They will later get glued into place then get sheeted with 1/32 ply

P1170955-001 P1170956-001 P1170959-001

The little aileron sub ribs at the tip, just seemed a little small for the rest of the wing. Here I fashioned a couple larger ones


Here I have the Aileron TE in place and glued.


Left wing panel



Nov 18

Aileron LE top and bottom 1/16 x 1/4 strips. These will later get faced with some plywood

P1170945-001 P1170946-001

1/16 ply sheer webs being added forward of wing rod tube. The wing rod tube is suited for 5/16 wingrod, and the spars are 1/4 wide.

The tubes are flush to the forward face of the spar, and proud at the rear.


Underside of wing panel at tip



Nov 17

Shear webs, after ripping them to the width I cut them to the height. I need some 40 of them for both wing panels

P1170939-001 P1170940-001 P1170941-001 P1170942-001 P1170943-001 P1170944-001



Nov 16

The notches needed to be cleaned up on the ribs, and made a little deeper to accommodate the 1/4 x 1/4 spars and allow the 1/32 LE Ply to overlap.

Some choose to use 1/16″ sheeting, I’m not sure how well these ribs would work If you have to remove 1/16 ” from the top and bottom of the ribs, and then change the notch at the LE.


The ribs for the tapered portion of the wing also need some clean up, and deepening


I’ve decided to add some sheeting over the 1st two ribs at the root behind the main spar, so I have to remove material from the top of the 1st two ribs and add some notches for a drag spar.




Notches for the spoiler sub spar



The right wing panel, with most of the ribs in place. The spar is also shimmed up 1/32 from the building board




Left panel





Nov 14

Notching the trailing edge of the inboard section of the wing, I had marked them previously with the lower spar material, and run both pieces between blocks to control the depth of the cut. Later I pass a file thru to clean out the slots and check for rib fit.


P1170912-001 P1170913-001 P1170914-001

Quite a kink in the LE where it transitions from W10 to W12, and it can be seen when the ribs are stacked



I’ve changed that and modded both W11 ribs

P1170916-001 P1170917-001

Also a little concerning with the length of one of these ribs, as it really doesn’t fall in line. I’ll have a closer look at this when I get the TE for the aileron in place.


W10 shown here 3rd rib in from the left also needs to be trimmed up a little


There much better, now the LE will sit in nicely in all the ribs. Laser cut ribs.:):)

P1170920-001 P1170921-001

Trailing edge of the aileron, and last one third or so of the wing. It gets glued together in two places


D-Box sheeting


Most ribs out to the bay with the aileron servo, need an extra hole for servo wires


It would have been nice If I could have notched the TE of the Ailerons, that looks like it won’t be the case though.

Maybe I will consider a Gusset where there are no diagonal braces




Nov 13

Fuselage wing rod tube, square and perpendicular and all that jazz.

P1170883-001 P1170884-001 P1170885-001

And now onto the wings. a lot of layout work here before I can secure anything to the board.

I discovered as well the TE supplied for the ailerons is a little short compared to whats on the plans. It seems the last bay is a little wider at the tip. I’ll make the pitch between all ribs more or less the same. when I add the tip ply, I’ll extend that slightly to get back to the same wing length.

Also the chord is a little greater on the plan then what the ply root rib cap will cover. I will set the 1/4 x 1/4 spars as shown, and move the TE for the inboard section of each panel a little forward.

P1170904-001 P1170905-001 P1170906-001 P1170907-001 P1170908-001

I have marked the lower spar wood as well as the TE 1/4 x 1  for the rib locations on both panels. I can’t imagine one wing panel being different then the other:):)




Nov 7

2nd set of root ribs for wing saddle. The plans don’t have a lot of information for wing to fuse connection.

I’m gonna make the wings plug and play with the supplied 5/16 wing rod. The boom will be removable, however the wing rod tube will be fixed to the saddle as well as the boom.

That means the saddle will be attached to the boom, and when removed the servo harness to each wing must also be removable and stays with the fuselage.

I reckon in most cases though the boom can be left on for travel to the flying field as the tail feathers are removable.

The root rib cannot be tight against the boom as I need room for the harness connector that goes to each flap and aileron servo.

The boom is held to the fuse with a couple 8-32 bolts and t-nuts.

P1170877-001 P1170878-001 P1170879-001 P1170880-001 P1170881-001



Nov 4

Stab cable exit from boom, which than terminates within the lower fin at the belcrank

P1170846-001 P1170847-001

My solder of choice for cable ends and terminations, a Silver alloy solder which requires a little more heat and special flux.

P1170849-001 P1170848-001

Rudder in place also showing rudder cable exit from fuse tube




Nov 1

Lurking in the Weeds.

The tail group is together and fitted to the boom. I still need to add some brass tubing for the stab pivot pin. However it has come together rather nice.

P1170845-001 P1170844-001 P1170843-001 P1170842-001 P1170841-001




Oct 30

I cut a new set of root ribs for the fuse, something tells me these will allow me to blend the wings to the fuse a lot nicer.

I will sand them and add the holes later


I wasn’t happy with the light ply stab horn, so I put one together with a couple pieces 1/16″ ply and some CF in between

P1170833-001 P1170834-001

Some may run the stab rods straight thru the ply horn, however I’ve added a couple pieces 1/8″ brass tubing to increase the bearing area.:):)

Overkill perhaps

P1170835-001 P1170836-001

I have a nice stash of old dental bits and they come in handy when I work with the CF, in this case a slot in the tail of the boom to accept the stab horn


Here the sub fin is in place


Next the upper fin portion, this is looking really pretty

P1170839-001 P1170840-001


Oct 23



1/64 ply sheeting

P1170815-001 P1170816-001 P1170817-001 P1170818-001 P1170819-001



Oct 22

LE to TE Joiner, the plans show the trailing edge formed with 1/16 wire, so a little improvisation is needed:)

P1170805-001 P1170806-001

adding the trailing edge, as the stabs are built flat, I’d reckon the flat side is down when put onto the plane

P1170807-001 P1170808-001

Stab tubes and rods are added separately as they are not part of the kit, I am going to add some filler between the spar caps and the tubes add the root end

P1170809-001 P1170810-001 P1170811-001 P1170812-001


Oct 21

I put the 3 pieces of the trailing edge together for the stab, of course this was done twice, and they where both done on the same setup for accuracy. It appears best to notch them in 3 places to accommodate the 3 ribs

The 1/8 tubes are in a different spot then shown on the plans , however that should not present a problem. Maybe convention says one rod should be in the same plane as the spars and that’s why this was done

I’ll mark the lower spar strips later for locating the 3 ribs

P1170804-001 P1170803-001




Oct 19

A little change in scenery here this morning, snow over nite :):)




Forward 1/8 brass tube in fin keel in place



Rudder trailing edge , 4 pieces get glued together

P1170788-001 P1170789-001 P1170790-001

I held the rudder post down and secured both ends of the TE  at top and bottom.


adding lower two horizontal ribs which needed to be trimmed as they were to long


Upper two horizontal ribs


Diagonal ribs

P1170794-001 P1170795-001


Oct 17

Fin and subfin constructed of balsa and lite ply. Brass tubing and music wire not included in kit.

There’s also a Crackerjack bellcrank for the stab, that finally is hidden in the subfin, but being made of lite ply as best suited to use as a template, If you find it has the proper pitch between the Pivot points.


P1170772-001 P1170773-001 P1170774-001

three ribs and keel glued together, the diagonal 1/8 dia hole for the rear brass tube has to be added before assembly

P1170775-001 P1170776-001 P1170777-001

Fin upper and lower ribs as well as post

P1170778-001 P1170780-001

For some reason, all the holes cut into the ribs for the 1/8 tube are correct except the hole in rib 2 which is too big




Oct 16

The cockpit section, requires a stringer on either side, and a couple cheek pieces at the rear to accept the stringers

P1170761-001 P1170762-001 P1170763-001

P1170764-001 P1170765-001 P1170770-001







Spruce reinforcement blocks in place where t-nuts and bolts come thru to hold boom to fuse






Oct 09

wheel in place, keel cut to facilitate, and room forward of wheel for the towhook

P1170716-001 P1170717-001 P1170718-001



Oct 08

Fuselage removable Hatch cover. The formers needed the notches filed/ cut in for the lower spar, and it appears one set of notches are out of place for the balsa spar in one former.

I also added a couple gussets at the forward end of the spars where they meet the former..


P1170704-001 P1170705-001 P1170706-001 P1170709-001 P1170712-001 P1170713-001



Oct 04

Next two formers get glued in place as I move forward


Final two formers in place and glued, I added the marks on the spruce spars pror too placing them, and the come in handy as a referance at this point so that one side is like the other


P1170697-001 P1170698-001



Oct 03

1/16″ plywood former at right for rear of removable cockpit section


Keel gets glued into place at rearmost formers





Tow hook and wheel showing their close proximity


P1170680 P1170681

Forward lower formers slid into place

P1170682 P1170683

Wheel axle transoms in place, keel section in between will be cut out later



Servo rails added here

P1170686 P1170687

Forward lower formers get glued in




Coming together


P1170691 P1170692

Spruce side  spars get glued at rear




Oct 02

Wheel transoms further formed and drilled for axle. Not sure yet how to deal with the tow hook, I’d like to get it as near to the front edge of the wheel as possible, There’s a lot of lumber there though, and the style of tow hook I have needs to drop thru the base slot from above, :):)


Reinforcement above wheel with arch cut out


3rd full former top to bottom in place, well glued at the top any way from this point I’ll have to glue the keel piece in 4 places and then add the half formers forward of the cockpit area


Plywood former behind the seat is shown as 1/16 ” ply on the plans however is not in the kit. I will cut it to the shape of former f7




Oct 01

added some glue, the plywood fuse extension is in place and the two rearmost formers are glued to the top fuse spar. I have a couple squares in place to get a correct setup. It should all pull together nicely later. Hopefully I have caught the mods to these parts and or can do them later as needed.

20151001_172235 20151001_172203

P1170663 P1170664

Wheel axle transoms. The keel gets cut to accommodate the wheel and the transoms are on either side for the axle to pass thruP1170665 P1170666


Sept 20 2015

I’m going to add info to the top here from now on as I work my way thru the build..

Sorry for the confusion, at least though there will be no more scrolling to the bottom

I need to add a couple rails and a servo tray for the stab and rudder

20150930_085809-001 20150930_085817-001 20150930_101136-001 20150930_111258-001 20150930_111558-001 20150930_140856-001 20150930_140905-001



Hawley Bowlus design
Based on the full size sailplane

The model will have a CF Boom

– 122″ or so wingspan

Bowlus Baby Albatross - 3-view

Mr Bowlus also created this travel trailer.

The Road Chief


The original Bowlus Road Chief was produced in 1934. It was designed by Hawley Bowlus, a pilot, sailplane enthusiast, aircraft designer and builder of the “Spirit of St. Louis” – the airplane made famous by Charles Lindbergh’s first solo flight over the Atlantic in 1927. Being the brainchild of an aircraft designer, the Road Chief was, not surprisingly, based on aircraft principles with a streamlined aluminum body. Unfortunately, it wasn’t very successful. Only 80 Road Chiefs were built

Bowlus built several different series of streamlined travel trailers.

These were the Road Chief, the Papoose,  the Trail-Ur-Boat, the Motor Chief , and the De Luxe Road Chief.

Bowlus’ Baby Albatross sailplane, which was one of the first kit-built gliders offered to the soaring public. Approximately 100 kits were produced in San Fernando from 1936 to 1941. This pod & boom glider is often called “cute.”


bow1 bow2


Mar 25

P1170063-002 P1170064-002 P1170066-002 P1170067-002





The plan shows music wire for all the trailing edges of moveable surfaces.

Aileron , rudder, elevator.

However supplied with the kit are balsa cut trailing edges which get glued together.

Some ribs however are slotted for music wire, and not cut to suit the balsa supplied Trailing Edges..

So, I have some options here, I reckon I’ll go with the supplied balsa, and modify the ribs to suit.

P1170069-002 P1170070-002 P1170071-002 P1170072-002

Mar 26

Horizontal stab


The holes for the 1/8″ O.D. brass tubes in the root rib and 2nd rib are not in the same location as shown on the plans..

I don’t know what that means yet, they may have been moved to not interfere with the vertical tubes used to secure the vertical fin.

Also the Lite Ply horn supplied for the stab does not have holes corresponding to those on the stab root rib.

LE tip on both stabs, as well as the fin is open to artistic decision, there is no parts included, I reckon a piece of sculpted 1/4 balsa will work.



Review these plans and review them often, compare what is supplied to what is shown and mark everything.

Don’t glue anything together until your sure how that part will impact the rest of the plane.

I’m going to enjoy this:):)

P1170081-001 P1170082-001 P1170080-001 P1170079-001


Mar 28

A view of a full Scale Baby from the 1930’s. Of note is the opening behind the windscreen, it is cut lower and a little rounder then what Col. Thacker shows on his plans


Notice the horizontal line on the plane view below, really not very creative.

I really like the curved cockpit opening sides.


It appears the 2nd former from the right in picture below is missing a couple notches for stringers.( See pencil)

I haven’t been able to find any pictures anywhere of a Fuselage Build of this kit.


Missing from the kit was the nose block which is shown below as being included in the kit. I will fashion a new nose out of some locally sourced wood



Also, included was a Model Builder article from Sept 1975. The complete write up is not there as any text from page 83 on is missing

July 23

Need wood, and need a parts list

Here’s a start for the wings.


It appears the the spars are about 60 inches, however the trailing edges for the ailerons are a little shorter then what’s on the plans, So I will modify to suit.

P1170480 P1170481

July 25

Spars, 1/4 x 1/4 spruce 60 inch or so long, difficult to get and expensive to ship. Some like to join shorter lengths, however that’s not what I like.

I cut out 4 spars as well as the leading edge, which is shown as 1/4 x 1/4, but I like to place the d box sheeting over the leading edge, so I cut them to a size closer to 3/16 x 3/16


P1170483 P1170485

A couple ribs set between the spars









Horizontal stab spars and leading edge.

1/16 x 3/16 spruce for the spars and 1/16 x 1/4 for the leading edge.




There’s something funny about these ribs for the horizontal stab. The leading edge is shown as straight on the plans and most certainly there’s a problem here. or maybe S1 needs to be flipped the other way  ???

Also the 4 holes for the 1/8 brass tubing are also cut incorrect


It’s really nice to have a bunch of “laser cut” pieces but when they are inaccurate, the average modeler will get frustrated, as you’ll soon find yourself scratching new pieces, or worse yet wondering what to do and seeing your dreams on a shelf in your shop

No worries though, I’ll get this correct and all will be well:):)


P1170490 P1170491

July 26

Fuselage assembly, this will likely be dry fitted together many times before the glue gets added. The formers are part of the kit, however all forward /aft stringers need to be added and cut to fit.

Add to that provisions need to be made to secure the


wing struts

R and E servos

main boom

tow hook

removable Cockpit cowling to get at ballast , battery, receiver and servos

and then the entire carcass needs to be sheeted.

Reminds me of a 32″ river boat I built years ago , which I sheeted with pine strips.

P1170494 P1170495 P1170499

July 27

Fuselage keel, laminated spruce, and slow set epoxy


Forward hatch top keel, laminated balsa 1/4″ wide strips






Former F5 or C on the plans, is too tall and does not conform to the drawing. I simply cut off both of the legs to suite.

Also all the top formers do not have a high enough notch to suite the 3/16 x 1/4 lower edge spar to give a removable hatch some rigidity.










Looking sharp.

There’s absolutely no information or pieces to tie the two wing halves in where they meet the fuse at the boom.

Standby for some wild and crazy ideas  🙂                🙂

P1170510 P1170511 P1170512

Sept 11

Have some Goodies, including plywood, wing strut material, and fittings.

20150911_093930 20150911_093944