Tow Hooks, new 2MM ,RC Sailplane

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New 2 MM Tow Hooks added

Scratch Building a Sailplane/ Glider, or refurbishing a Nostalgia Sailplane from the 70’s, or perhaps you have a new kit missing a hook? The pictured hook and rail was a dandy, but are really hard to find

Don’t get caught out with a soft wire penny nail, or spoke as a hook, get hooks that have strength and will not bend and cause well, you know  !

Need a 2 ,  3 mm(.118 inch) Dia or

4mm(.157 inch) tow hook

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2MM    $$US_______  4.75__________US$$

3MM    $$US_______  6.85__________US$$

4MM     $$US_______7.45_________US$$

Ever find yourself looking for a strong lightweight tow hook without the large structure of some

This may be for you, I have used the 3 MM Hook succesfully on many 3 M or so sailplanes and they work just fine

                                         Shipping in an envelope should be possible at minimal cost

The slot in the fuse bottom is sized to suit the M3 or M4 Hook, length is up to the Builder, placed correctly I have found a 1″ long slot to work well. The aluminum plate on the underside is something I like to add to spread the force from the tightening of the nut to the wood fuse, the extra screw in that plate rests in the slot and is for anti – rotation 🙂

Simple slot in fuselage needed for the hook and a slot above in the reinforcement ply to suit the Nut

Inside of the fuselage I add a 1/8 ” Plywood doubler with a slot as long as the slot in the fuselage, and the width to suit the barrel diameter of the T-Nut. The grabbers on the t -Nut are bent over and flattened and the t -nut later will slide in the fuse to locate the tow hook

The 3 MM hook also comes with a M3 T-Nut

The 2 MM model comes with a couple 2 mm nuts and a washer, 15 mm and 33 mm leg lengths, ideal for 2 M RES Sailplanes


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