Emerald, lands in the Desert

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where it’s 86 degrees this time of year and you can fly everyday if you want.

although I am told there is not a lot of green grass

Retro look

This has a bit of a Retro look, supposed to look like and replace one from years gone by , that had a bad day. Here’s a pic of the original coming in for the 100 pt landing

and another of the original

the plane was shipped here with a new set of servos, a strange tow hook location, far forward and some details on what it could look like. Will need new servos, paint the fuse, recover the tail, aha 🙂

6130’s on the flaps, 6130h for the stab , 6110’s for the ailerons, and the 6100 running the vertical

I cut the servo tray out and went about peeling the white of the tails, as well as some blue as I recall. the horizontal stabs were actually a different size, wowsers plus or minus .030″ was what I thought was the golden rule, well I have some work ahead of me. I did get some feedback finally from a good friend, and friend as well of Mr Miller in Colorado that the tow hook was positioned 1 dollar bill plus a dime back from where the nose cone ends, I measured that from the bottom rather then the top thinking the tow hook should at least be under the wing. Will this thing ever fly 🙂

here is how I received the tail set, nicely done

seems I measured at one point and the towhook was an inch or so forward of it’s recommended spot, this is gonna get interesting, because it appears this will be a rare occasion when I will put someones plane together and give it a toss. By the way there was excess lead in the nose

Here’s what I took out of the nose
the tow hook location as I found it behind the wing rod, which is quite beefy I might add

cavity for ballast or nose weight, I did fashion a set of weights to fit this forward slot later, as well as patched the aft opening which was added for some reason, who knows

Here is where the old tray gets cut out, I will clean the edges up later and screw a new servo tray in place. Provisions as well for a custom 5 Cell eneloop AA pack will be made, though Li Ion or Life, could also be used

the inside shown here is all cleaned up and the aft rectangular hole has been patched. a slot and tow hook where added later, and that basically took care of the mods needed for the fuse before I proceeded with paint stripping and finishing

As far as the wings go, new ends where added to the harnesses, and custom mounts where made for the 6130’s at the flaps, I had a nice set of mounts for the 6110’s and glued those in. Tracked down some .030 lexan and cut new opening covers

This is what I finally came up with for the CG and tow hook location

There’s some film as well of this bird flying, wow, I never expected such a great ride from a hand toss.

standby, Film at 11 as they say, Thanks