Eneloop 5 Cell Custom

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Packs for narrow , nose

Pinocchio style, I first ran into the problem needing a 5 cell pack with a Simitri a couple years ago

Narrow Simitri Fuse

The pack needed to be HV and I wasn’t interested in LiFe or some other chemistry

I ended up fashioning 2 of them and adding some lead to suit the Simitri, and they have proven to work well. Now I discover the Ava Pro

is also a narrow nose, and this pack worked out perfect

These packs get some battery up further into the nose, and have room to attach some lead sheet as needed.

Batteries America has recently assembled a couple packs for my friend in the AZ Desert, Hopefully the added shrink wrap allows use in his Ava Pro and Super AvA Pro

who knows these may even fit in the Maxa slender nose fuses

whackers 5 cell eneloop pack