Durex V – THe Build,, Minnesota

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Durex V

Nice lines , large fillets.


  • 2 wing rods 7/32 Dia
  • full flying stab
  • 2 piece wing
  • string operated spoilers
  • glued wire reinforced tip panel joiners
  • 1/8 x 1/4 spruce sub spar inner panel,  2 places
  • 1/8 x 1/2 spruce main spar
  • 1/8 x 3/8 spruce spar tip panel
  •  12 degree angle between inner panels  (big)

Fullscreen capture 22-Jun-17 82054 AM

Aug 26 2023

Aug 27 2023

Has anyone ever built this plane, surely to god there’s one out there built from this short Kit, there would have been a huge benefit If it had been prototyped, and the fixes were sent in , I am going to build the fin with 1/2 LE material as well and cut a new fillet, another quirk is the bottom laser cut piece for the rudder was to short, by 1/4 inch the thickness of the post. the fuse top also has the 1/2 inch slot , a good pointer, a true Builders Kit !

It turns out there are missing ribs in both Kits, the root ribs of the tip panel, R8 on the plans , Kit supplier in Texas is aware but un responsive to request for parts

Oct 08 2023

Oct 19

  • 1/16 ss cable push rods in nylon housings
  • nose cone will be made out of wood block to suit battery