Elio X Build, Aug 2017

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A Clean work Table

Wing Plans and Pieces, the Elio X Build is a little different then the Elio as the stab set, rudder, and wing tip panels are larger. In case your following alongthe Elio X Build is  not quite as described in the elio.html file and the tip panel build can be found here

Tip Panels Elio X

More on Tip Panels

Watch your drawings especially for the wings , I like to mark the rib location on the bottom spars and some of the filler sheeting, that way one wing is like the other. Also pre – cutting to length of the lower spar will define the length of the inboard panels as well.

Some lines are also not straight on plans , thus setting the spar against a 48 Inch straight level is helpful

Handtoss Video Fall 2016

Handtoss Video April 2017

Circling July 2017


IMG_3648-001 IMG_3647-001







Trailing edge, spar and Leading edge

trimming something:)









I like to cut the inboard edge and filler sheet at the angle where the root ribs set.

Nice jig for setting the ribs perpendicular



set the trailing edge parallel to the spar with a couple ribs



And some more pictures, lots of detail here.  Looking really good , a little hiccup with the LE I supplied the wrong LE, but with a little forethought a strip of spruce on the underside was all that was needed.

















Right inner panel with top spar in place, enough structure to remove from the board

Left panel catching up, I like to mod individual ribs for spoiler clearance and spoiler leads before assembly

Fuselage Former and Tri  stock Location

Note these dimensions are approximate, and for verification purposes and location of tri stock.  The Fuselage sides are marked, and there are x’s next to the line which indicate the location of the former and  nose block


Sunday Sept 03  The build continues, adding root rib, trimming lower sheeting and making room for spoilers.


spoilers fit in here , 3 ribs need to be notched,

Notched ribs , spoiler

balsa root rib in place, I like to add them after the wing rod tube is in place , looks Great

this is not supposed to be square

tools used to clean up the lower sheet and trailing edge

upper spar is in to allow for 3 degrees

wooo hoo

line for notch cutout for spoilers

sorta like this

Sept 6  Tip Panels

































Sept 10

Some more tip panel details, they can be joined to the inner panels at this point but if the inner panels still are not configured for join to fuselage then it’s easier with panels then with a complete wing

A good time to clean the table, take stock and consider what’s next. A Dark Brown Ale  also works well at this time :)

Sept 14

Great Build , I look forward to the colors and of course 1st run up the Line

I nice uniform radius allows the stab to move freely


Left side rudder tube, affix both tubes to have effective tail surface control

the chase :)

Sept 23 Fuselage Assy Continues


The fin previously built is added to the fuselage sides, watching for push rod tube routing.

sides held together and all square as the fin glue sets.

F5 in place at wing rod tube hole as nose block is placed and epoxied

Nicely done, and clean, a little sanding later and you have it

Sept 26

forward upper sheeting This gets notched, and pulled forward to the rear of the incidence tube. Later a piece of 1 x 1/4 aileron stock is added as filler to fit up against the back edge of the spoiler servo cover

Fin in place, as well as top sheet

Straight is the key, and a vertical fin is nice as well

Oct 02 More details, wing root and fuselage, coming together

nicely potted tow hook

towhook plate , again

wing root

last 3 ribs and spoiler spar in place


Oct 24 More wing Pictures

wing will soon be ready, more fuselage built up next

Oct 30 2017

Some rudder work, and canopy build details, The spoiler hatch cover is also in these pics. Take your time planning these parts and how they go together to get a clean tight fit.

Nov 2

woooo hooo  sleek

Nov 05

Stab build, do the stick work, then add the sheet. Space all for tubes 2 inch apart parallel to each other and to the board,  Sand carefully rounded leading edge, less rounded trailing edge. Symetrical Profile

Nov 12


Nov 13

Nov 26