OLY III 2018 Build

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Sept 25

More Pictures soon, still time to grab a Kit and join in , chime in with you Build Details, Pictures, queries and ideas.

  •  Instructions mention extra ply root ribs for side of fuselage, will cut them from 1/8 lite-ply as couldn’t find them, 1/4 to 3/8 Inch fillet
  • some formers for fuselage are numbered, will sort thru to ID their location, tabs will need a bit of thinning to fit slots
  • will add hole to nose block for lead
  • found spare set of 1/64 ply doublers for stab
  • ribs are all numbered, still looking for some reference to these numbers elsewhere on the plans or documentation


UPdate, Aug 28 2018

there’s appears to be interest in a parallel Build with a fellow Builder in Ohio

woo hoo,

UPdate, May 31 2018

This project is still a go just need to clear some other stuff from the Deck. Apparently these Kits are hard to get now, that surely will create demand


May 21 2017

Well here we are 2017 May already, have had a chance to look thru this kit and so far I like what I see, everything nicely packed. I might add though that the spars don’t fit into the rib notches, there’s at least 1/32 ” in the difference. In this day in age with Laser cutters I would have thought that getting these notches to fit the spars would be a pita.

I will file the notches wider, and I reckon they will have to be deeper as well, to suit the spar material supplied.

The one other item I have learned to watch for is warped fuselage sides. They are laser cut from a sheet and I have seen the straight edges top and bottom get a twist as much as 3/ 16. If that is one way on 1 side and the other opposite it makes for quite a challenge getting a straight fuse.

Stay tuned :)

Dec 17 Unpacking a Oly III Kit, nicely done

p1190234 p1190233 p1190232 p1190231 p1190230 p1190229 p1190227 p1190226



Oct 18 (S)

  1. Painted white fuselage and canopy
  2. canopy and hatch ?
  3. 1450 LiFe Battery  Size( L   w   h  )
  4. 6110HV x 2 Servos Wings
  5. 6100HV x 2 fuselage
  6. Violet transparent
  7. :)


wonder about the Silver though, and needs a yellow stripe left wing

white vertical fin and rudder

all white fuse and canopy


Oct 18 (S)

  1. Painted white fuselage and canopy
  2. canopy and hatch similar to Sagitta 900
  3. 1450 LiFe Battery  Size( L   w   h  )
  4. 6110HV x 4 Servos
  5. :)
  6. :)





Oct 12   (S)

Yes, tape on wings

(built up wing saddle on fuse)   requires longer wing rod.

+ servos in the spoiler bays


You could simply run the spoiler servo lead inside the fuse –

I would simply plug the spoiler servo leads to leads from the Rx.