Summer Liga 2021

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  • had a couple great rides on Day 1 — 7 minutes and 12 minutes, didn’t bother with landing points. wind from the south 5 -6 miles an Hr , blue skies with high clouds
  • Day 2 was a wash out well, it was breezy so no one flew here today,
Day 3 was great, flew 4 different planes, and easily got 10 minute rides

September 18, 19 and the 20th, weather permitting, the last Days of Summer

Pack your sailplanes, get them finished, charge the batteries

3 Days of Flying for the diehards

There could be some

Friendly competition as well for those interested, If not, just lots of sailplane tossing

Please Contact , RSVP, if you are able to make it, Hopefully there will be a great weather window, with some northerly flows and temperatures into the 20’s.

With respect to Competition I envision

2 Classes

2M and under

anything over 2 M, no mouldies

Target time in rounds 5 – 10 minute TBD

1 point per second flown, scores weighted to 1000 in each round

all rounds flown in a time window

Landing Points

< 1M 100 Points

1 M – 2 M 50 points

Landings Greater then 2 M . congratulations you landed safely

Deduction of points for over time, 1 point for each second over time for round

Landing Points will be added to flight score for total points then Normalized

Mixed Launch, Hi start, Winch, Motors.

Altitudes will have to be figured out.

rounds need not be flown one after the other, can be flown throughout the day

join in have fun 🙂