Bird of Time , Scratch Build

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Bird of Time build, shooting for 40 oz or so weight on this plane. Looking for a floater and think this may be ideal!

Initially wasn’t going to add spoilers and spoiler servos, but upon discussion with Tom G changed my mind. This will likely add another oz to the weight but apparently these BoT’s will speck out quite easily and then I’ll appreciate the “lift dumpers”


Sept 8   WEIGHTS

Fuse, Canopy root ribs  285 G

Wings and joiner Rod   476 G

Stab and Rudder   49 G

Battery servos receiver etc   204 G

Spoiler servos  24 G

Misc Balsa Sheet for rest of wing 90 G

Total 1128 G

Still missing leading edge, and likely a few other smaller pieces, including Ultracote

Therefore I need to do some more sanding  If I want a 40 OZ  1135 G BoT


Sept 19 Finished

20140919_184158-001 20140919_184120-001 20140919_184111-001

20140919_165102-001 20140919_165034-001 20140919_165019-001 20140919_165008-001 20140919_144251-001

Stab bulked up an additional 10 Grams with covering, another 25 or so on the nose for that.. LOL………… forget 40 oz..


20140919_143500-001 20140919_121331-001 20140918_193900-001


Onto the covering, labour intensive!

20140918_193900-001 20140918_193826-001 20140918_175700-001 20140918_171337-001 20140918_152545-001 20140918_141936-001 20140918_121448-001 20140918_121422-001 20140914_122650-001



Red canopy, has to be a hint of red somewhere, and I believe I’ll use some red on the underside of the wings as well.. Tip panels transparent yellow, with red border maybe




Fuselage painted, servos installed as well, need to secure both nuts for wing mounting bolts



I can tell this is gonna fly, 1st flight by the 21 Sept..



Three coats of paint later and sanded, I’ll add another brushed on coat , sand then a top sprayed coat

20140912_083045-001 20140912_083014-001 20140912_082955-001


20140909_170635-001 20140909_170624-001 20140909_170615-001 20140909_144044-001 20140909_123124-001 20140909_111941-001 20140909_111932-001

20140908_193235-001 20140908_164538-001

Outer panel Leading edges, taper added before applying to ribs



Hatch, a couple magnets hold it down at the front


Main panel leading edge, I like to overlap the top sheet

20140908_125506-001 20140907_070524-001

Main panel LE top sheet in place

20140909_084059-001 20140909_082549-001


Handy little plane


Bolt on wings held at LE with a couple hardwood dowels


Spoiler servos, on 1/16 plywood trays easily removed in case of failure


20140905_052653-001Bolt thru holes and compression blocks made of hardwood and overlapped with 1/16 plywood


20140905_052419-001Stab set , still require further sanding







20140901_151328-001Stab pieces ready to go. I try to make all pieces identical 1st  then there’s no reason to have two different stabs.


20140828_090741-001Fuse side join, lots of clamps here



20140826_085712-001 20140826_085652-001

Laying out the equipment bay, a couple of servos20140824_071921-001

Fin and rudder, using cable to drive the stab directly, no bellcrank20140824_071913-001

Tools of the trade20140823_153853-001

3/16 balsa side panels20140820_183205-001


Nose block20140820_085802-001 20140819_173255-001

I like to have a straight wing20140819_142913-001

Wing join, using a 5/16″ wing rod20140818_195619-001 20140818_140457-001

Right wing panel coming together20140818_091738-001


Rib set with ply root ribs20140816_065207-001 20140815_182021-001