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May 20 2014

Majestic continues to fly, up the line on many occasions


Nov 16

I had 3 launches each flight  about 5 minutes. The plane flew stable enough and there was so little breeze that I was able to snap a few pictures. These little skinny smartphones are not the easiest to use with one hand..

20131116_150347Here’s all you need , a reel to hold your hi-start line, a plane and a transmitter.. I use the cart to retrieve the line after the plane returns from a launch. When the young fella is with me he will run back and forth all day getting the chute. just have to remind him not to drive over the line or get tangled up in it 🙂





Ready to Fly weight 1870 Grams 65.9 oz or 4.12 lbs


Nov 5

The Majestic flew like a charm. I likely sent it up the line 10 times, after the 1st couple launches I stretched a little further out and then found I had to move the anchor as the wind was turning more to the East.

Ideal would have been a more Northerly wind.

Flies Great!





Pre Flight

I need to add weight to the nose , and a lot more then I’m am used to but they are supposed to fly great.

A molded piece of lead will be the answer. I’ll make a plg, and then build a ply mold around the plug, that way I’ll best fill the cavity in front of the battery


Mold held together with some glue, this will be one time only .


Lead goes into the mold, I drop it in as it melts of a chunk of lead I have, not perfect but works well enough.

I do my melting in front of the stove, a little draft will suck out the fumes.


Pulling the mold away, good enough, turns out I had to cut some off the length, and If you haven’t cut a chunk of lead before it’s very gummy!


Calibrated, yes I’ve thrown the plane a half dozen times and removed some lead from the chunk.

I’m down to 245 Grams, after it goes up the high start later I’ll see about removing some more.



Majestic incoming, Landing imminent.

Stay tuned..


That was the easy part, getting the lid off. There’s supposed to be a plane among these s shaped puzzle pieces, did someone actually invent these?  If you look really close you can see I’m not the only one interested in whats under this load of bananas!!


Aha, a 1/2 hr later . I’ve always wondered what a shop Vac could be used for, I’ll have to get me one of those to suck up bananas in the future.


Nice, I like the colors Ferrari red , not quite.. .

had to set it onto the table, I’ll leave it there for a while , we’ll see If anyone notices. 🙂