Mini Ava Refurb, Sept 2018

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Mini Ava , refurbish, hasn’t been flown much but needs to be cleaned up


  •  remove pushrods and place inside boom
  • patch slots at rear of pod and repaint pod
  • remove center panel covering, clean up ribs and recover in yellow
  • remove inboard end of tip panel covering and replace with lite white
  • remove fin rudder covering and also cover lite white
  • add new rudder control horn
  • relocate rudder control rod exit
  • remove servo tray, add new for Hyperion Servos
  • remove spoiler servos add new
  • remove two different shape gussets at rear of rear center wing mount and replace with new
  • repair rudder keel, cracked
  • update spoiler actuation, no more fixed linkage

Big box 100 inch mini Ava


nicely packed, no damage











going in, goodies


nicely wrapped, bubbles, bubbles










will clean up the servo mount, actually install new and square off cutout

First look, superficial damage only?

Stab ding between the balsa and the CF Trailing edge


two gussets , two different shapes

Spoiler harness wing end 4 pin connector, fine wires, pulled from pins, stripped perhaps

Gusset knocked here

center Panel rear mount gussets

center panel left rear corner

Moving right along

spoiler servo




center by panel, taped at leading edge









there’s a crack in the bottom of the rudder

more clear here

covering pulled

plastic, plastic


I just added a filler pieces, veed into place

slots filled at rear of pod





















































clean up Ca

clean up

push rods no longer on exterior of boom

spoiler stops

new gussets at rear mount

adding the stops

rudder pushrod in place

stab pushrod exit

spoiler stops, magnets in spoiler later


new horn above the boom










new harness, used old connectors, new wire

need a couple spoiler servos

That’s correct it’s more yellow then the color shows, not green 🙂

peeling the center panel

some cap strips have lifted

separation here where the tip panel joins

tips must of got knocked

some blue plastics

rib trailing edge separation

Nice d box section

separation here

Lite white on inboard of tip panel

Nice, contrast

Yellow center panel

ready to go