Sailing, Oct 22 2017

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Not much flying lately, out a couple times in the last couple weeks but winds and sometimes rain has kept things grounded.
Today was looking promising as far back as 3 – 4 days ago, though the winds may get up a bit

Temperatures are near minus, as there is frost everywhere in the Mornings, and of course after the field is wet for a while

Well so be it, I got my Mirage shined up, no air moving at all at 8 AM.

A bit of a charge into the battery and out to the field, Predictions are for northerly flow later so I set up at the south end.

Lots of puffy clouds with a sprinkling of blue in between, the geese are on the move as well

Brilliant fall colors though, and the geese are on the move.




As morning swung into noon the winds were getting stronger 10 mph and greater, did measure a 12 Mph guest.

To much for the lightweights so, I dug out my Majestic

It was after 11 and the winds where rather perky.

5 minutes was the longest flight I could get , perhaps I’ll give this a try later this afternoon, If this wind dies down