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The Northumberland Strait Shore....

The water sports enthusiast  in Nova Scotia often has to contend with chilly, sometimes frigid waters.  Seldom does the Atlantic Ocean water temperature rise to the point at which it would be canoeconsidered comfortable.  
One stretch of the Nova Scotia's coastline is an exception to this rule. The Northumberland Strait on the province’s north shore has the warmest saltwater north of the  Carolina’s  after numbing your toes in the Atlantic, this can be a real treat. Fog is normally absent and the miles of sandy shores and salt marsh estuaries and river deltas offer safe paddling for the entire family. Some secluded corners can still be found but they aren’t always as easily spotted and don’t offer the isolation of our other coasts.
Visit the Sunrise Trail this summer, experience the hospitality and down home flavors this region of Nova Scotia has to offer. Explore the many hidden coves and sheltered waterways, enjoy our Outdoor Playground and while your here drop by and visit us at Forest Haven Inn and Balfron Hillside Chalets.

Cycling the Sunrise Trail....
The Sunrise Trail is a popular travel destination in Nova Scotia for the cycling enthusiast. Paved roads with light traffic, gravel back roads as well as old abandoned rail way beds offer the opportunity to view our region at a relaxing pace. 
Promoting our coastal character, many roads parallel our coastline or numerous River Valleys, riders can enjoy an extensive system of secondary roads.Cycle You may also take the opportunity to visit Nuttby Mtn, elev.1200 ft an easy day trip for the avid cyclist, app. 25 km. from Forest Haven Inn. This is the highest point in mainland Nova Scotia in the Cobequid Mtns.
Though small, the province of Nova Scotia represents a rich diversity of land, people, plant and animal life. Comprised of a peninsula, the mainland and the adjacent Cape Breton Island, along with a dramatic shoreline, Nova Scotia offers riders the experience of exploring a landscape comprised of hard- and softwood forests, salt marshes teeming with wildlife, bogs and coastal dunes. Thousands of shallow lakes and ponds dot the region, come explore Nova Scotia's Sunshine Coast this summer and make Forest Haven Inn and Balfron Hillside Chalets your cycling destination.
We offer indoor storage for your bicycles and even facilities to get some of that road dirt of your wheels.

Sizzling Summer Sensations....

From sunset cruises, to lobster boils, to bird watching treks and wine tasting trips, summer is the time to savor Nova Scotia, Tatamagouche and the Sunrise Trails sun-speckled seacoast.
While our extensive Seashore can be experienced at any time of the year, summer is the most popular season for viewing such extraordinary attractions as The Balmoral Grist Mill or Sutherland Steam Mill both within minutes of Forest Haven Inn / Balfron Hillside Chalets. Treat yourself to a summer celebration, many communities offer Lobster Suppers or  BBQ's  there’s always a party happening somewhere on Nova Scotia's Sunshine Coast, all summer long,or give them the gift of great golf.
Many golf facilities can be found within an hours drive of Forest Haven Inn.

Numerous beaches dot our shoreline, Heather Beach, Rushtons Beach Provincial Park, Melmerby Beach, Blue Seas Beach, the choice is yours. Delectable dining, warm waters, spectacular scenery all here on Nova Scotia's Sunshine Coast. Fresh summers, and lingering falls, the Northumberland waters and the warm Gulf Stream out of the North Atlantic, makes this region of Nova Scotia relatively fog free. Nova Scotia owes everything to the sea, especially its climate, the province is virtually an island surrounded by seas, Gulf of St Lawrence to the north, Bay of Fundy to the west  and the Atlantic Ocean to the  south and east. Enjoy your best vacation ever in our world by the sea! Please go to our Attractions Link for other information on Nova Scotia's Sunshine Coast.      


Traveling with GPS

our co-ordinates
 Longitude : W 063° 13' 53"  (W 063 13.877')
 Latitude : N 45° 39' 58"  (N 45° 39.968' )


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