Field Trials, Nov 26

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well it seems the days good enough for flying are getting fewer, at one point today it was 50 Deg F . Winds where gusting at times from the west perhaps up to 10 miles per hour.

Most mornings now I find the ground covered in frost, occasionally a few deer shoot off into the distance

sometime after 3:30 I got set up for a few launches, staked the hi start in at the south west corner of the field.

I have been walking back 25 steps lately, should be around 8 lbs

first launch I came back almost 3 minutes later, there were gusts out there and at times it seemed I was making headway and getting some lift while pushing east.

soon though I found myself coming down.

hauling out the hi start, take care If you don’t anchor the reel, it will flip

wow, 3 more launches and each time back on the ground in less then 2 minutes. Should have brought a bigger plane and stronger Hi start

all done the best I could get was a three minute flight, the sun was behind the trees at this point