Aquila and Aquila Grande Tail Feathers, and other Form Factors

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I have built a few of the Aquilas and Aquila Grandes, and in my observations there are some differences. The fuselage length appears to be the same however there are subtle differences where the wings and horizontal stabs meet the fuselage.

I have original Airtronics “blue ” Plans for the Aquila and copied plans for the Aquila Grande.

The copied Aquila Grande plans may not be accurate as I have seen errors in plans that where either copied thru a roll type scanner / printer and or printed from electronically transferred or created  PDF files.

Tail Feathers

  • horizontal tail different shape and size


  • profile different
  • wingspan different
  • incidence pin location different
  • wing rod diameter larger on AG


  • different shape and size
  • the fuses have differences as well where ther wings and stabs meet it, as the fillets need a bit of a different profile

AG stab on bottom, root chord is longer then that of Aquila stab on top. Center to center distance is same for the 3/32″ pins


Aquila stab on top at tip, the LE and TE sweeps are different, and the AG stab is longer


AG stab at left, note once again the chord length at the root is longer then that of the Aquila


Aquila stab at bottom

P1180122 P1180125 P1180126


AG rudder is raked back more at the LE then the Aquila and is also longer. The dorsal fin fillet shape on the Aquila Grande also reflects the LE of the Aquila Grande rudder


AG stab set over the Aquila plans, note the difference in shape


Aquila Grande rudder set over the Aquila Plans

Aquila Grande Aquila P1170379-001