Nov 17 , Moooooo

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Beauty, sunshine 40 Deg F at 3 PM, winds under 2 MPH, got three great Launches in with the PureS 6.38, just shy of 5 and over 7 minutes out over the Cow Pasture

Cattle out there, perhaps 1000 ft from where I was standing to the north
Those moo cattle out there, well 1000ft away always seemed to give me a bump when I flew thru their earlier. Last ride lasted over 7 minutes with a good 5 minutes spent riding up over the herd. woo hoo
Out to the south, plane in the field
down the line from the anchor end
Gathered up both ends
Cooling off, there’s condensation forming on the surface of the wings
Nice plane, flies great in 40 Deg F temperature