Wing Socks May 2019

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Perhaps you have some old sheets or blankets laying around, or perhaps a local used clothing store where they can pick up some satin or silk for a Couple dollars.

material is doubled over, then I use chalk to mark the outline, allow for seam margin
rounded slightly at one end, which will get sewn closed and the other will remain open
cheap bed throws work great, satin, cotton also good
both sides done, you could plan for some straps with velcro, if you want one side to hitch to the other such that they don’t slide off
of to the machine a trusty 306K Singer made in the 50’s I’ll do two rows of stitches
needle can me moved left / right so I use the left, next pass will shift to the right
next, cut the threads and back to where I started
OK, 2nd row, down the right side, some like to do a Zig zag here to tie the edges

Sewing machines a really Great Tool, I was fortunate and had a mother that used one and got to watch , many closets harbor these, or perhaps there’s a table you’ve been building on for years and there’s a sewing machine under it.

OK, that should do it, know onto the open end I will fold it over and stitch the complete opening
ran out of thread, the bottom side holds thread on a bobbin, and gets set into a holder, here I spool on thread to the bobbin
Bobbin holder, get it right, If this is mangled or you don’t feed the thread through correct sewing won’t be any fun. This bobbin fits in under the plate here
Alright, onto the open end, folded over and stitched down,
the other stab boot
sometimes the most fun, threading the needle, in this case I tossed a bent needle and put in a new one, even this is crazy, flat side of the needle to the back. If you don’t do that, no sewing 🙂
I’ll need some material for the rudder/ fin

Some careful planning and a couple socks can be cut out in no time.

Double up the material, leave margin for a hem, and consider the thickness of the panel.

Your sewing gets done inside out , then you flip the seam side under.

I will cut to the marked line, material is doubled again
Cut out and ready to be sewn together
3 covers done, I’ll get something for the fuselage next

Socks work great for packing, storage at home or transporting to the field.