April 24 – Rain, Rain , Rain

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Been raining here since last Friday, and forecast to rain until wednesday next week.

There is a small break scheduled for friday where the sun may peek thru. Temperatures are cooler to the south as one looks into the foothills and clouds, (fog) can be seen hanging low. This morning temperatures are hovering around 38 Degrees, and this evening, 100 miles north of here, folks need to get their shovels out to move the snow 🙂

View South towards the Cobequid Mountains

Killdeer where peeping there way around here last week, staking out the grounds in the lane, no tree swallows yet, give then a couple more weeks. Surely by this time next week I’ll need to think about mowing

In the mean time I need to get wood hauled home. Been burning this falls wood already. Getting into the woods with the mower deck on the tractor is not so easy.

Once the wood is at the house splitting can be done at my leisure.

The Oly III is looking really well, I have 3 coats of paint on the fuse as well as lite white Ultracote on the vertical tail feathers. The fuse will need careful sanding and perhaps another three coats before I can give it a couple spray coats to finish it off. Violet ,blue then yellow appear to be the colors of choice for the wings from inboard end to tip.

The Red and yellow Cumic has made it to the south western desert in fine form, and I hope to hear within the week how well it flies

There has been time though to hone my bread making skills and create some “old world” rolls with yeast dough. They freeze well and go great with sandwiches, or as a snack for your pocket while out flying:)