Wanna Build a Fox Bat, Nov 19

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I have built one. I am told it flies great 1st full launch on a Hi Start it was gone for an Hour Plus.

Lets do a Bulk buy, and perhaps a Sailplane Guy , (BK) in Texas can make us a Deal on a few Kits

I still have my Kit here in the Box, and would like to consider building it this Winter

Wanna Join In, have some fun.

I have some ideas, and clarifications over what information is offered with the Kit to improve the BatBox.

Wingspan: 3.6m, 143"
Length: 1565mm, 61.5"
Weight: 1.6 k g, 54oz Airfoil: E193
3 ch: Rudder, Elevator, Spoiler
Electric is an option included

Just a quick NOTE

this Kit is not well suited to first time Builders, there are no instructions, information on the drawings is ambiguous. AS well some build techniques are required to build a durable plane which are not discussed on the Plans. Some 1:1 Scale drawn lines are not accurate and are drawn in the wrong direction leading to measured distances not corresponding to the included dimensions

Perhaps one day the drawing will be redone to correct errors existing for some time now, and include proper laser cut parts that will result in a plane like that seen at the NATS, where the plane placed very well