Winchs, or Hi Start? Mar 2019

1981, where were you then?   Here’s a sampling of some of the Winchs on hand at the World Soaring Championships.

Turns out the Canadian made braided nylon line was about half as strong as the American made stuff.


The Canadian Winch was getting information back from a Receiver and a Tension Sensor via the 6th channel.

Where are they now  ..

The Canadian Winch was powered from 36 Volts, and what appears to be some hardware from an old Bombardier Sled from the 70’s

The Dutch Winch also had a form of Tension Control, there was a bank of Transistors and a heat sink mounted at the winch.

and the Mexican Team apparently Hand Towed every Launch, while yet other Teams showed up with Gas Powered Models.

Fast forward to 1983 and a claim of a adjustable speed winch to make your battery last longer   Just 300$

Adjustable speed on the Fly , any idea