Blue skies, Grey Days are Gone! Nov 9 2018

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We have had a lot of grey days recently, this time of year that means warmer, so today I was rather fortunate , blue skies some high white clouds, and winds 5 to 10 MPH, N to  N-W. and surprisingly warm

Recent grey skies on October 27 had me out with the Mirage and Hi start getting a 15 minute flight in nothing but grey soup.

Last year I had the Simitri down and packed it away on Nov 15 , this year I have that taken care of a week earlier, I also noticed the leaves in the trees are down a week earlier this year then a couple years ago.

I missed last years leaves:)

Nov 13 2016, leaves everywhere and on the trees

Nov 9 2018, lots of leaves have left for the next county, woohoo















The Mirage is still together and have to make some decalage measurements on it today as a friend and I are both curious what the angle is measured with my trusty Robart Gauge.

Nov 05 found me out with the Elio and the Hi Start, the best effort was a 13 minute flight from 7 launches. The Elio X has proven to be an all round great plane for me and has held up well over the past few years, the last flight this year though, I pulled the rudder pushrod, SS cable, and fashioned a new one.




Well here we are November 9th, back to the blue skies. I haven’t flown my Maxa since Sept 29th, and either it flies today or doesn’t and gets packed away regardless


I was out at 1 , 2 and a little after 3 PM the turnaround had been set to the west side of the field thus a little shorter then usual and early winds were 5 to 10 but after 3 they where down to 2 – 3 MPH

after 3 launches at 1 the best time I could muster was 7 1/2 minutes

2 Pm wasn’t looking any better 2 launches and a best time of 6 1/2 minutes

There where no eagles to be seen either, and the usual shreek from the local eagle when I launch was also not there so he must of been off somewhere.

Ah well, I’m lucky to be getting in some flights, I’ll leave everything here in the field and return later perhaps for a couple more tugs up the line

Back, it’s sometime after 3 got a good launch, well the typical launch in cruise mode. Haven’t used the launch mode in ages, and even forgot the “magic” switch, on the earlier flights.

woo hoo, before I launched decided this was it,  last flite of the day, yup the sun was getting lower, standing in the shade, I could feel the cool northern nip on my fingers.  Someone said 6 weeks or so till Christmas, and I don’t believe I have had a Hi Start or winch out in December

5 minutes later I was still up there, drifted back over the field and was up higher then when I came off the line. The Maxa is just magical, for any one that has flown one they would understand when I suggest it’s like cheating, they just fly so well.

I had an aha moment, remember that ‘magic’ switch, thermal mode, a little camber, and woo hoo it’s like I turned on onboard blasters. The plane seems to get into another realm :)

I could go on, but suffice to say, I landed at 24 1/2 minutes






Big weekend ahead, Christmas, and Markets coming soon , have to fire up the Cookie Factory, a Family thing I suppose, lots of hands and mixes to get 10 Varieties or so of Cookies prepared for the Big Market in Middle Musquodoboit the 1st weekend in December

Musquodoboit Festival of Trees and Crafts

When: Friday November 30th – Sunday December 2nd, 2018
Time: Friday: 6:00pm – 8:00pm/Saturday: 10:00am – 4:00pm/Sunday: 11:00am – 4:00pm
Where: Natural Resources Education Centre
Address: 12014 Hwy 224, Middle Musquodoboit


Hope to see you there

in the Music Room


Joyeux Noel