Oct 21, Getting out, more Eagles

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Once September comes and goes in these parts of Nova Scotia, it seems most days are either to windy or to cold.
There was a heavy fog hanging low over the field at 7 AM and the grass would be wet for a while.

I find myself still in sandals and socks, so a dry field is nice

Sunday was a rare day for mid -October. Color every where, we have yet to see the big wind and rain event that strips the trees of their chlorophyll producers.

The thermometer on the post was reading 10 Deg C and by 10 AM, I had my yard work done, and a couple loaves of bread out of the Oven

Batteries where charging as well, Winch Day it will be

Only one plane as well. I haven’t had the Simitri out in a bit, and this may be the last flight for it this year.
The wind was coming more out of the west then the North, so I set the turnaround away from the bush, apple tree line, and a little closer to where I was launching from.







Hopefully that would work and the chute wouldn’t drop in over the trees, sometimes if I see the chute drifting over the tree line, I will wind it in of course that means more walking :)

The first  of a couple  launches around 11 resulted in rather short flight 5 1/2 minutes in length, back down rather quick and not very high launches. Launching in sink perhaps, the winds are somewhere between 5 and 10 mph. Down low there is a fair amount of turbulence as well. Sometimes that gathers and gives me a tow but not the case here.



On my second  tow I was able to get out, working some lift about 100o ft up wind I was able to gain and get up into the infinite lift. I landed after 13 minutes, that was really nice I thought, blue sky no clouds and the 3rd week in October. I have a bit of camber to help me early on, but soon turned that off, somehow flying these J models seems like cheating

I will try that later, disconnected my receiver battery, turned off the radio , pulled the positive cable on the winch battery and drove home. Never had a problem with the chute in the trees, as a matter of fact the winds had turned more to the North so the chute was coming back straight at me.

Hum, what will the afternoon bring, could only get better









Sometime around 1 I got back out , and an eagle rolled thru, perhaps 100 feet up and a couple hundred feet north of where I stood, I was up there a bit and upwind, north of where I was I could see 3 eagles, a ways higher then I was.









The lift was everywhere at this point, so I was in cruise, and darting east to west loosing no height at all. Well the eagle rolled thru then started circling some 800 ft from me and drifted south headed up. A couple minutes later he was west of me a couple hundred feet, perhaps 400 ft high. He dropped out gave up and headed back to where he started his climb.  Interesting, starting from the same spot, gave up. This time he went thru the same routine, I got back to flying and he drifted by to the west and was gone. Landed some 13 minutes later as well.















Last round of flights sometime after 3 PM, and best I could do was 9 Minutes, the eagles where no where to be seen. Perhaps already sitting somewhere watching me :)