Geese, look out the window Pa, Oct 09, 2018

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Geese are on the move ,

This time of year though I reckon some hang around with the abundance of freshly cut corn nearby. Farmers are cutting stocks with corn at 4 inches and running thru a shredder and bagging. This is left to ferment and used as feed for cows later in the year

High temperatures, 50 deg F yesterday, really.  Clear skies at night brings frost and temperatures under 40 Degrees

Corn fields being harvested locally, lots of cob casualties left behind and they love it

Nice sky, yesterday though there was a heavier overcast , and grey not quite like this window shot

I had the winch set up and had 1/2 dozen launches with the Simitri, 9 minutes was the max though, lift equaled sink sometimes!

Drove everything home , thought there may be rain

At some point just after a Launch a big hawk went by , headed east towards the hill, perhaps fo ft out and 50 ft up from where I was standing. Didn’t get a good chance to look but minutes latter a gaggle of blue jays could be heard squacking up there. Fair warning


Well, some time later no rain so I ran the hi start out and sent the Mirage up a number of times, 2 minutes , 4 minutes, later on 7 minutes.  That’s it ?  Well , no air moving, grey skies, I could have just looked out the window I suppose?


soon, no more mowing for 2018

Look out the window Pa, snow :)