Fly while you can, may be the last chance Sept 29/30th

The last weekend in September, Saturday and Sunday where both Great Days for flying.

Wonderful  weather, sun shine, clouds forming mid afternoon, and a bit of a northerly breeze for great launches with the hi start on Sunday and Winch and Maxa flying on Saturday

Sunday was Hi start day.

Perhaps 25 -30 Launches during the day.


wide circles with the Legionair, 2 laps actually, then lost it, came back to the field, and hit a silo.

Got thrown out, tried twice to get into this but couldn’t maneuver quick enough.

Launched the Mirage, it was much more capable and was able to penetrate that silo, and managed a great ride up turning tight spiral circle.

Later in the day found the eagles up there towards the east, got out with the Mirage, had big plans to head over and join it, even saw an opportunity when I checked my transmitter battery voltage.  Well 22% and it squeeks crazy at 20 so this wasn’t gonna work.

Popped spoilers and came down. On the ground 3 minutes later, too bad had just sat back, and put my feet up

The Hi Start doesn’t give me the Launch height I get with the winch, but offers a great opportunity for low level practice, and 5 – 6 minute flights where the norm, unless I hitched something good.