Waughs River Valley Flying, Jul 14 2018

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Great weather for flying the last few days, sometimes there are heavy overcasts, and then later nothing but blue sky.

Fog is no where to be seen, the Atlantic is some 100 Miles away, and that is oh so nice.

No standing around in the morning in a Fog Bank.



Saturday I also got a chance to fly the Bird of Time, Elio X, Topaz and my scratch built Mirage

At one point the Bird of Time got out and was in a huge thermal that just filled the sky. Spoilers what spoilers :) they were to small for my set up, so I pointed the nose down, after dozens of loops and swerves thru the sky, jetting east to west I just landed.

Later in the day I had the Simitri out for a few tosses, I really like the way that this plane flies.




















Later I had a chance to fly the Falcon 880, with it’s flatter center panel, it sure likes to be tossed about it’s roll axis, but what a performer. Always have to remind myself with this bird, that it needs a more mighty heave on Launch














and the week of the 15th promises more great weather perhaps with a bit of rain midweek