June 30, Saturday Soaring

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Forecast were for bright sunny, hot and humid and then these weather guys add the word Humidex, really . They make it sound so scary with words like feels like 35 Deg C. :)

at 8:30 we have 75 Degrees, and the Humidity is perhaps 70%
Did get set up and had 3 Launches before 9 . couldn’t stay up longer then 4 Minutes, with the Legionair

There where sum bubbles but seemed to loose strength quickly,

I should have been able to keep up as wind was under 4 MPh.

Perhaps I should have tightened up my turns


Made it at the 9:30 Hr

After a couple practice Launches I got out

Cecil, Great plane, hope you seen it , the big Yellow one.

what a plane, truly astounding that a plane designed in the 70’s can move like that, and thermal with ease.

Pulled the spoilers at five minutes, two minute ride down.

Found some sink, woo hoo, yuup, goes with the territory.

Back on the ground shortly after 10 minutes.

what a ride, hope to do that again

turnaround set at the north end of the field

set, ready to head south

at the south end, place the winch, battery etc, ready to rumble

under the deck, 3 servos, strings to the spoilers

Nice sky

Later in the morning, energy was collecting and had a 33 minute ride, pop the spoilers every five minutes or so, and just fly back down. The L140 sure is a Great Performer, lots of wing, covers ground effortlessly , no bad behaviour a real joy to fly.

To bad they are so rare and few get to enjoy them

later in the morning, Bird of Time out as well

By the time I got out with the Bird of Time, the sun was at it’s peak, I find this plane moves along at more pace then the Legionair, maybe that’s just that it’s smaller and looks that way. But it is very sporty, and when trimmed correctly it’s a pure joy to fly. I towed this up once, left the line and kept circling up. it was trembling on the way up the line, you could really tell lift was everywhere.  I just pointed the nose down and landed 10 minutes later. Winds at this point of the day where between 3 and 5 Mph. The Bird of Time, a great plane to have in the quiver for a lot of soaring fun

woo hoo

Later in the afternoon, I was able to get the Simitri and the Maxa out and up in the air, but the wind turned down to near nothing, temperature perhaps 85 degrees and the horseflies were out. Often times and today as well it seemed the lift was exhausted and somehow eaten up by the humidity. No rides with either plane greater then 6 minutes.

Great Day