June 03, Foxbat Flies , Film at 11 :)

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So, it’s gotta go up on the winch that way I can bail If things go bad.

Who’s got a winch, we all do. Like at least 4 of them

and after all is said and done, no one showed up with a winch ,

One 2 M hi start, that’s not gonna do it, or I ain’t gonna try anyway.


But one way or another it’s gonna fly this morning and soon,  as it’s supposed to get up to 105 Deg F

A lot of commotion, before any flying even gets done.



Fear not, it got tossed, and flew rather flat, outta the box, with lead as built and a 5 cell eneloop.


No 7 gram tweaks here or there. Hee Hee,

Wow, I have that mega black rubber, in my car, I guess I will have to use that.

If I drive home to get the winch, surely all the lift will be in the next county, or it will be just to darn hot.

Out goes the Mega Hi start, a short pull back and an easy Launch.

A lap around the block to wet the surfaces with some good dry air, and everything should be OK.

Landing was good as well.

Pull back, pull back and up the line. 30 minutes later I can go 45, then 50 minutes.

Then it will take ten minutes to get down. woo hoo

1 Hr 2 minutes, and some seconds later, I can’t remember all the details :)

Better, then the Legionair 140,   really ?

I looked around, huum everyone had gone home.


Late Edit,   Oops there was a second clock..

Awesome flight wish I could do that .

A couple videos here

Hand Toss

Light Launch