Tata Fest 2018, Soaring Soaring, Today

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Pack your bags, book your tickets, load the Trunk !

Tata Fest is a 10 day festival of arts, social justice, sustainability & down-home hospitality.

Weather Update

Great soaring today , the 17th, Saturday and Sunday are a washout or Blow out, If there are changes will Post here





This year Tata Fest will be held from  Friday  17th August and run until Sunday 26th August.


All events will be posted as confirmed.

a Great week of Soaring is Planned

Local Campgrounds and Accommodations are usually busier on the weekends with all the Cottage Folk in this area, so look into this early

Bored with Soaring, head to the Village of Tatamagouche, food , shops , and then there’s warm water and beaches nearby.  Rushton, Heather, Cameron Beaches.