Apr 11, Aquila Grande, Scratched from Custom Wing Set

It  appears theres, enough white on the fuse and wing to allow it to be seen when it’s specked out 🙂

Aquila Grande continues to fly record times

Some almost 5 years after I sent it to the Desert

Weighing in at 52 Oz or so, scratch built wooden fuselage .

Today it turned in a not so shabby flight of 1 Hr 19 minutes from a Hi Start launch of 250 to 300 ft

Here is the fuse shortly after it came back from Painting with the canopy fitted.  One of the more elegant shapes in a sailplane from that era


Aquila Grande Just off the covering bench, and out for 1st exposure to sun light Pretty Bird, all wood fuse to boot



Here’s the for sale add I posted April 29th 2013


Aquila Grande

Just thought I’d check and see If there’s any interest
Recently Completed Grande Flown twice, and flies as it should.wood fuse, painted.no electronics, cord operated spoilers.Plane has been sold Thanks Buyer pays shipping for pics, please PM your email address and I’ll get to the shop and snap a few pics.thanks whacker:):)

Blue Skies too another 5 years