Jan 27 , No need to Knead

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Time permits the baking of the odd loaf of Bread, Rye in particular

Just mix, fold and Bake

150 G Lite Rye

50 G Dark rye

425 G White

2 – 3 tsps Sourdough

400 G Water

Mix leave wet and let rise for 1 Hr

Retrieve the Starter,

add 350 G water

3 spoons, 12 – 15 G or so Yeast

2 1/2 tsps salt

  • spices
  • I usually use anis, fennel , caraway, coriander
  • sometimes a tsp of Malt Extract

mix the yeast under and let work for 15 – 20 minutes (dissolve)

Mix with a mixer and dough hooks, and add in another

375 G White flour

Mix really well, and let rise until doubled in size.

roll onto floured board, divide, stretch and fold, form

Slit top and let rise for another 30 – 45 Minutes

Into the Oven

A tray with water in oven is good practice

Spray top with water, sprinkle decoration, perhaps coriander at this point

Oven 250 Deg C     10 minutes

Reduce to 200 Deg C, Spray top again , bake for another 10 Minutes

reduce to 180 for another 40 Minutes

Remove from oven, spray loaves again

Cool and Serve


That’s correct, prepare Sour Dough separately, I use dark rye only


Get up early , If you want this for breakfast,  takes 4 Hrs start to Finish:)





Burr, it’s cold outside