September Slopin

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Gone Slopin 101,  A Day

Rakete Build

Strong South winds , never packed my Rakete and went slopin either. What a day for this, though south winds will make it difficult as the land generally runs up hill towards the south here until I get on the south side of the Cobequid Mtns.


Perhaps I will find some local hills.. Greenhill maybe or just a bit of luck.

Packed, rubber bands , radio, batteries, neck strap , plane. Did I miss something?



Then the crew mutinies, they think walking on the beach is a way to enjoy the wind.

Ah well I’ll play along plan a Picnic en route perhaps on Greenhill , If nothing else appears







4o minutes later we were at the beach, Waterside Provincial Park. We knew this beach was there , never stopped in , and while we were there perhaps we’ll visit Caribou island

Made it, there were 3 other cars in the parking lot,

hopefully the hill isn’t overcrowded with other Slopers  :)

Assessing the situation from the parking lot things look grim Jim,

winds were blowing offshore

Hee hee , I see a hill

Headed from the beach to our own Private Lagoon, I’m going to let the crew do some advance scouting and decide later whether to get the Rakete










Just got word back from a Sentinel that, it was steep down this side, there were people on the rocks below, and as you could see behind him there was enough bush too loose my plane

No worries, I’m working on Plan B from base camp, though I can’t get on Google for a Map and directions to GreenHill. I will have to go on memory, we’ll swing through Caribou Island and then pick up a Sandwich or two at a shop and some drinks in Pictou, surely that will work










30 minutes from Caribou Island thru Waterside and Three Brooks and we were in Pictou

On the Road Again, another 20 minutes, just so happens there’s a Provincial Picnic Park on Greenhill, there’s gotta be Picnic tables. A scenic drive thru Lyons Brook and Durham before we leave the West Side, of the West River and head up Greenhill.                Eastside:)

Parking, some Picnic Tables and a Vista looking West with the breeze piping thru

Down the Hill, not being a Slope flier, I’m thinking that a plane could disappear in that bush

Yes, there’s a breeze here, what a view though. Hang gliders have been known to fly here


Wow what a day, 4 hours later we found Greenhill and the crew is ready to go home. Didn’t get a chance to fly but had fun driving around :)

Never flew, sound Familiar!