Tata Fest Soaring 2017 — Aug 18 – 27

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From  the Air,

a Birds Eye View of Tatamagouche, perhaps no one has a View from this Side of Tatamgouche like those Soarers


As part of TataFest 2017, Soaring Demonstrations

Aug 18 thru 27

Weather and Wind and time Permitting

at our Field here in Balfron,  Nova Scotia, Canada

Come Shag a Line, pull up a Chair and enjoy the Fresh Air and watch the Eagles Soar

If you have a quiet soaring bird bring it along for a ride,

Please contact

If you would like to join the Gaggle of Soaring Machines

No Smoking Please


Light winds and Blue skies,   Share the Sky



Dry Camping  (If you have a Sailplane your Bringing, Fliers Only)

If your considering bringing a Trailer  sure.  Dry Camping though, no fires, there is no power available, and quite after 10 PM.

Pack out what you bring with you, any donations can be left in the Bucket at the Door :)

Please Advise, so we can arrange


Landing and Thermal Duration Points


Landing Grid divided into 3 areas each adding bonus Points, 25 % , 15 and 10 % for landing in the largest area.

Points awarded based on time flown during thermal portion,

1 point per second flown, 3 , 4, 5, 8, 10 minute tasks

a Complete 3 minute Task with a landing in the smallest zone gets awarded 225 Pts.

Points are prorated to 1000 with 1000 awarded to the winner, and others in behind.

Flying over the time results in a 1 pt deduction for each second over, as well landing beyond an additional rectangle in the landing zone, results in 10 % taken off the Flight Time Score.

The key is to fly, make the time, don’t fly over and land in the zone..

3 Minutes is easy right :)

More on Scoring

Figuring out Scoring, Thermal Duration