Invader IV Canopy / Mold work

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Previous Invader IV Canopy Work

I had previously coated the Balsa plug with some varathane, and sanded it smooth. To extend it and make it a little larger I also added 1/8 inch ply, forward aft and the underside

P1190766 P1190767

Some ultracote was added to give it as smooth a surface as possible


Blocks of wood and a stick make it easier to handle while I do the glassing. Prior to adding the 1st layer of cloth I gave the plug a few coats of clear carnauba wax


After the 1st layer was set I went around the edges with some heavier cloth strips and added a couple cradle supports


Next up heavier cloth all over, actually a couple layers


Out, released very easily, and then of to clean and trimming the edges


Hope it works, will check the surface for marks etc, and clean up nicely.

Want a Canopy for your Invader IV  ?  :)


Now the Fun Part a Canopy

I added a couple layers of cloth, and a strip at each end


Then a piece of wax paper and pushed the air bubbles out


Some 12 hours later



A piece of balsa at the forward end

P1190782 P1190783