Invader IV, Rudder rebuild and Canopy Plug

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I’ve decided to make a plug and mold to create a new Canopy. Get in line , taking orders for replacement FG Canopies for all those Invader IV’s out there.P1190756

Initially I was going to undercut the Canopy Plug and thenlay the cloth over, this would make it smooth on the underside, and possibly present a lot of sanding on the upper/ outside of the new Canopy.

To get the plug smooth I will cover it with mono kote, and with a little wax the FG Mold should release nicely from the plug. I have extended the plug on bottom, front and back with some 1/8 ply so that should be enough for cloth layup

P1190755 P1190754

The rudder appears to have been chewed by a cat at the forward tip. I was fortunate enough to have found some covering that matches, and have some gold pinstripe here somewhereP1190758. Note the detail on the rudder pin , nice Craftsmanship by the Builder whoever you are.

P1190757 P1190752 P1190753