One month and a few days later, still some Goodies left                      Don’t miss out:)


Tom F plane Stuff

Perhaps you have a friend that can use part of the Combo and you can pass those items on to them, buy everything and try your hand at selling RC stuff, you’ll get a chance to meet some interesting people

Contact  me for additional details and availability.


If you are looking for pics of specific items or details, please ask .

All items are located in Tatamagouche NS and available for local pickup .


This stuff needs to be used / flown and the weather is getting better :)


I don’t know where to start with Pricing these items, and hopefully I am being fair.  Bounce some numbers off me If you don’t like what you see.


Shipping is possible.  I can also arrange a meet up in the Tatamagouche to Halifax corridor . I’ll try to describe items accurately but if you need clarification just ask.


Watch this Page, some stuff is gone and soon it will all be gone




Thanks.       E mail for more Details

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Quick Summary


1 Easy Glider Pro

1 Spirit plane with nice wooden box

2 Chargers


Have a look further down for more Info, and contact me ,whacker  for further info

May 11     EZ Glider Pro             add a receiver and Fly, pictures of actually plane further down. I can add a Fasst Receiver for extra $


May  09 2017

Spirit Sailplanes are a winner, the kit box here mentions it and here’s a picture of an ad from RCM in 1992. Some of us weren’t even around then , let alone thought about.

This isn’t as light as the sub 1 lb 2 meter planes available today, but in the right hands, possibly yours :)  you may get in a 5 minute flight while others are watching with awe.

These were the 2 M plane to fly in the early 90’s not uncommon for 100 plus registering for a 2 M Contest in Colorado

Don’t miss out on this Spirit . Saturdays supposed to be a nice day for flyin.  More info further Down



A box with some balsa and plywood

a box with three different colors of covering

There will also be some batteries depending on what goes with the Planes, and some other smaller electronics stuff



Easy Glider Pro

180$ ,                         or ask about VIP pricing

  • 2 HS 55 Hitecs in the wings
  • 2 HS 81 in the Fuselage
  • CC thunderbird 54 ESC
  • Himax HC 3516-1130 Outrunner
  • 10/ 6 Graupner cam folders
  • 1 spare 10 / 6 Graupner blade
  • 1 set 10/ 6 aeronaut folders
  • a couple zippy 2200 slim batteries
  • some misc bits

The plane doesn’t look like it’s been used much, the trailing edges are clean, the wing tips have some light scuffs.

a Nice plug and play plane.


P1190674 P1190675 P1190676 P1190677 P1190678 P1190679

Heat Gun, and Irons  also Video

$ 45 for This Combo

  • a mitt
  • heat gun Hanger 9 Deluxe
  • iron with a couple spare used covers
  • trim iron with both shoes
  • a video





Chargers / Power Supplies battery checkers etc.

2 Chargers ,

there’s also a computer Power Supply to feed  the Triton 2

and lots of cables and adapters as well.

Triton 2                 $35

Hobbico HCAP0260 Accucycle Pro Series( does not charge Lipos)   $30

Computer Supply 12 V, self contained with light and cord.   15$

Fluke 8021B Multimeter, though an Older unit better quality then a lot of stuff available.

Fluke Meter   any takers at   50$,   well worth it


I have  Fluke for 30 years now, never a problem










With Blue Backlit LCD!
Triton 2
Great for a huge variety of battery types (NiCd, NiMH, LiPo and Li-Ion, and lead-acid), and applications such as electric airplane and heli batteries, Tx and Rx batteries, car and boat batteries, field batteries, and more. Charge current is 7A and the custom LCD includes a blue backlight for easy viewing. T2 can handle LiPo packs with up to 5 cells in series. The input cord has installed banana plugs, and large attachable alligator clips are included. The modified programming dial is easier to control. And a slight programming change, plus a totally recreated instruction manual for ease of use and understanding.



P1190699 P1190697




 Spirit Sailplane


Spirit (Blue Fuselage) also includes the nice wing box, suitable for 2 wing sets

Spirit for Hi Start, winch or just toss it off a Cliff

Spirit has a 3rd servo in the fuselage for spoilers.

  • Kit box appears to include parts for another fuselage build
  • all HS 81 Hitec Servos
  • nice Case for the 2 wing sets and when case is closed a couple u brackets set in top to hold fuselage and mount the wings
  • ——————————————————————————


Add one or both transmitters perhaps!

Lets Talk

P1190685 P1190686 P1190688 P1190689 P1190690 P1190691 P1190692 P1190693

Case with two Futaba T6ex Transmitters.

These are both 2.4 GHZ Fasst units

60$ each

Ask about VIP Pricing, you may Qualify  :)

There’s a nice case and a winter Mitt

This is a Classic Travel case, flight bag from another era , a true collectible, and perhaps can tell a lot of stories :)

Included but not limited too

  • 2 x T6EX Futaba 2.4 Fasst Radios
  • 1 spare nicad pack
  • 1 Futaba wall charger
  • Instruction Manual

Bonus Custom made winter Mitt included as well

I would really like to see these go with one of the planes.

There’s a little bit of dust on these, the Timer is still timing the Last Flight

P1190680 P1190681 P1190682 P1190683 P1190684

P1190696 P1190695 P1190694


Eflite Taylor Craft 450 ARF leftovers

How about 100$ for the esc, motor and 4 servos, the rest you can use for your next Scratch Build

There’s a note in here to not throw out as the electronics alone would cost 200$ to buy.

  • 4 x S75H servos, these work
  • 1 x Park 450 eflite outrunner
  • 1 CC Phoenix 35 ESC
  • the rest is parts and pieces for the Taylorcraft, what was salvaged from behind the Furnace :)

P1190672 P1190671

MISC Stuff

I put together some odds and ends in Packages.


Lot 1   sold




Lot #3

Stash of propellers, all for electrics

$15 for the lot, share them with your friends at this price.






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