April 11 Windsock

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The windsock is down, well and tattered after a year of duties it’s time for a new one

Somehow it just doesn’t seem right flying without one.


Last years Version appears to be part of a worn out American Flag

I have a couple old flags from last year I’ll cut up and sew together. This years flavor is all Canadian,

two flags 3 ft x 6 ft should do it


I’ll tear off the old tattered cloth, and get down to my 3/8 cooper hoop that has been working well for the last

number of years


I’ll open the end later to slide on the new material

After a bit of cutting and shaping , of to the sewing machine. The only critical measurement is the width at the

mouth , I work with 40 inches, that works nicely with the 12 Inch diameter hoop.. Remember pie x D


I sew the material together to create a tube, hem the end, and create a pocket at the opening to slide over the hoop

The bearing is quite simple a washer or two, and a piece of steel for the pin that fits up inside the copper.


Ready for the range, and of we go.


On the Range and a bare windsock post


The flag needs replacing as well, later

I hammered the pin in and set the sock down over.



Ready for the next 8 months