Legionair 140

Legionair, Pod and Boom construction from the 1970’s

available in 100 inch, 132 inch and 140 inch versions


Legionair 140


Legionair 140 Vignette

Cecil Haga designed


Pod and Boom construction from the 1970’s

available in 100 inch, 132 inch and 140 inch versions


Rudder , elevator, and spoilers


The 140 was available in 1978 and the 100 was flown by Cecil at the Soar Nats in 1976

Mods needed to my Yellow 140 so I am Happy

  • removed metal skid and double sided tape , added neoprene
  • removed releasable tow hook and added a new standard L-Type hook
  • removed three square shaft futaba servos and added Jr servos and new tray
  • removed assorted decals, not a big fan of those
  • removed on off switch in Canopy filled switch actuator hole and painted Canopy Blue
  • pulled junk plastic clevises of push rod ends, these aren’t for my sailplanes
  • Have to move elevator horn more rearward to get more down movement as
    I like to use Sullivan Gold Clevises and they are longer then the plastic
  •  CA the ends of the spoiler dialcord and loop around pushrod posts on spoiler servo
  • Pulled old switch from canopy, gonna fill the hole in the canopy, and
    paint blue.
  • cut new servo tray and secure two forward mounts into
    fuselage to attach servo tray to
  • make a link with two collars of Music wire for the Dial cord spoiler
    servo connection
  • Remove battery tray with wire loop , just CA’d in. not a fan


First couple hand tosses this afternoon Aug 22nd, it flies

Next I will send up the line :):)

1896 G   66.8 oz With some extra weight 21 G in the nose that may get removed as I move the CG backP1180846-001 P1180847-001

Update August 23 2016P1180845-001 P1180844-001 P1180843-001

A few pictures showing my customizations, visibly missing some decals and the Canopy is blue

Breeze out of the west , south west all day perhaps 20 km/h and above. Legionair is ready to go but not in this stuff.


Swirling and nasty and when it arrives here in my little bowl it twirls.P1180848-001 P1180849-001 P1180850-001

Sometime around 6 I t0ok the winch out and laid down the line etc. It wasn’t very pretty yet but perhaps in an hour or so.

At 7 I was up for it, however I’m launching about 90 degrees to the wind as it’s making it’s evening warm air shift to the south. Oh well it’s light I can deal with that.

Got out with two launches 2 – 3 minute flights, sun low in the sky and into my eyes.P1180851-001 P1180852-001


Why didn’t someone tell me about these years ago. Thanks B.M.

There is more Legionair Info HERE