Dynaflite Bird of Time ARF
Bird of Time ARF conv to Electric How Hard

Update Oct 2011

- plane still flying great

- Waypoint W150 Gearset weak, I've had a number of these plastic sets in these servos fail,,,, replace with Metal gear set from Hobby King

Part number  BMS-20312 Metal Gears for BMS-380MG

Update Jan 2010
Updated Info on Spoiler Setup
-added Total Flying Weight

Update May 11
Removed the 11 x 6 prop, back to the 10 x 6

Update May 10  
29  Flights since the last Update app 6.5 Hrs Total Time, 
I've changed out the 10 x 6 folders to 11 x 6 and added a 4 Cell lipo  upgrade from the previous 3 cell
Only 1 flight  with this setup so far. Still have to see if this is better

Update March 30 
8 Flights on this Bird, app. 1 1/2 hr Flying Time..
After the fourth flight I took off the 12 x 6.5 folders and replaced them with 10 x 6...
I like the way that setup works better, and am able to get more run time on the motor/ battery combination....
The ride up the hill isn't quite as fast, but I have time..

Update March 27  Maiden Flight about 1 pm +9 Deg C or so, Cloudy. light breeze maybe 5 - 10 km/hr, from North/ North-east , just a simple toss away it went, no fanfare,, needed full down trim other then that flew wonderful, 10 minutes flight time easy on a couple power on runs "Up the Hill" so to speak...

Update March 24 
Most major work is completed still have to balance though!


I'll be adding Spoilers, to get this bird out of the sky, will be 4 channel,  rudder, elevator, spoilers each servo on seperate channel

 March 2009  
Received a new Bird of Time Arf Monday March 9 2009...
Wanted a Sailplane that would turn out to be lighter then an ASW28 and also have a lighter wing loading...
Looking for something that will fly well in a lighter breeze and hopefully be a little more relaxing.
No, not another plane to add to the hanger, the ASW 28 has been sold!

Bird of Time

The story of the build, or as some may call it the Assembly, everything just kind of fits together. With the addition of spoilers theres a little bit of build and mod work required..

Classic thermal soarer as a quick-building ARF!

Enjoy the quiet beauty of sailplane piloting... and some of the simplest model assembly ever! Originally designed by Dave Thornburg, the Bird of Time ranks among Dynaflite's most popular kits—and this ARF version supplies the same soaring performance in prebuilt form.

With its broad wingspan and beautiful MonoKote finish, the Bird of Time ARF is easy to see at high altitudes—a must for experienced pilots aiming for maximum altitudes and flight times.

This is how the plane arrived , wrapping paper and another box have been removed

Unwrapped, nicely packed

Another picture, everything turned out to be individually wrapped and taped to the package nicely for shipping...
It is made in China.. Where the underside of the wing is white, I think I'll place the decal there, may help a little with visability

Stuck together , just had to have a look 3 meter wingspan thats about 120 inchs

Horizontal tail feathers , flying tail these parts both rotate on a pivot in the vertical fin...First time I have ever seen this ,

Over all weights. Grams  (1 Gram =  .035 oz  )
385 Grams
Wing Center  with spoilers  360 Grams
Wing Left with dihedral brace 
200 Grams
Wing Right
with dihedral brace 200  Grams
Horizontal tail                           90  Grams

Rudder 15 G    
Canopy Complete 20 G

Total Weight            Total Weight   1270 G

Another picture, real nice lines , especialy the angle the vertical fin makes with the boom

Version 3 Spoiler Setup
Spoiler stop screw, and magnet not seen on underside of spoiler
 under blue Monokote

Version 3 Spoiler Setup
Spoiler secured with wooden bracket and screws,
intended to aid in easy removal 

Version 3 Spoiler Setup
Spoiler servo actuated to open spoiler

Off with the nose, I'll be adding a .
 Scorpion S3014-18 motor , 125 Grams, with a 45 A ESC and
2200 maH Lipo..Hope a 40mm spinner works along with some 12 x 6.5 inch aeronaut folder blades.
The nose weight is a combination of 1mm or so steel balls and epoxy, to hold
thingstogether. Earlier Versions had a solid cast steel weight! Carefully chipping and prying will remove this slurry, a little bit of heat from a torch or, heat gun, being carful with the fuse, will also help. A box
or something under the nose will collect these pesky little balls

Horizontal tail feathers stuck on,

Huge wing span, I think it should sail rather nice

Finished canopy with frame..I'll still have to add a couple hooks or something to secure with the rubber band to the fuse

2200 mah battery, this will probably be the spot..
Will have to wait and see how things balance when the motor and prop get installed

Tail hole cover, I glued a piece of 1/8 ply to the cover to keep it flat ,..
I also added a little piece of dowl to the center, this will butt up against the screw retaining the bellcrank and keep it from backing out

Elevator bellcrank, I wanted to keep the tail as light as possble and move the servo up front...
With the motor installed and the battery placed as far forward as possible I'll still need some more weight up front...
I'll have to retreive all those steel balls I knocked out of the nose...
Note: Older Version ARF has Cast iron Ingot for Nose Weight

Right wing tip with laminated dihedral brace and alignment pin
Everything fits together rather nice....
Not sure, but I might add one of those powerful little magnets I have to hold the panels to each other...
NOTE: Older ARF Version has a shorter Dihedral brace

Spoiler servo tray. Rails will rest on the lower rib caps and get glued to them as well as the ribs..

Both rails glued together, I used some 1/64 ply to seperate the rails to suit the Waypoint W092 mb servos I'm going to use....

Servo tray sitting in right spoiler bay, still able to move them fore and aft and won't glue them in place until I have the linkage dealt with.
Update , these servo trays, will not be used. The servos need to be lower in the servo bays, back to the drawing board

Version 2 New servo tray setup and actuater mechanism..
Slider crank setup, no need to be to tight on the clearances, as long as the spoiler stays open and is held closed...
Note: This slider Crank setup has been replaced with a simpler, setup seen earlier on this page Version 3

Tray and rails held in place  with screw, this will allow the installation of servo prior to placing the tray

Glued in 15 grams of steel weights in the nose area, in front of the motor bulkhead

Another 200 Grams of  steel balls, I hope I don't need them all
About 50 Grams of stell balls needed after all checks and balances were made

Left wing spoiler bay, Servo bracket is held in with two screws

Majestic, shown with 45 mm aeronaut spinner, nose is cut though for the 40mm spinner, . Good thing that gets the weight a little further forward

I removed the two cross braces so that I could get the battery. (2200maH 3 cell Lipo) set lower in the fuse..
Added a cross brace about 1 inch wide , I'll attach some velcro and use that to secure the battery..
ESC fits nicely under the ledge, shouldn't get to hot there....
Lots of steel balls shown at left, epoxied in . I think I still need some more though!


This is the 45A V1 Scorpion Commander ESC, comes with Programmer for programing, 

Channel number, just a reminder to me that this plane is Channel 42, I have the Spectra geared up with Channel 36, hence the need for numbers...

More Steel balls and the backend of the S3014-18 Scorpion motor

The nose, not sure I like the scoop, not a lot of choice though other then major changes to the nose..
I suppose extending it x 1 - 2 inches would also cut down on the balance weight required up front.. Lot of work though
40mm Aeronaut spinner 12 x 6.5 props...

Waypoint W150 Servos for rudder and elevator

Power train Components
Aeronaut 12 x 6.5 prop
Aeronaut 40 mm Spinner
Aeronaut  Hub
Scorpion S3014-18
Scorpion 45A Commander 



It all adds up
Basic Plane as shipped                  1270 Grams
2 x Waypoint W150     13.5G ea        27 G
2 x  
Waypoint W092MB     12 G ea    24G
1 x  
Futaba R168DF                            28G
1 x Scorpion S3014-18                      125G
1 x  Scorpion 45 A speed control       455G
1 x 2200maH 3Cell Lipo                  180G     
1 x propeller, prop adapter
 spinner assembly                            45 G
steel balls                                         ???G
2200MAH 4 cell LIPO                    230 G

Total weight                              1890       G
With a 4 cell 2200 mah LIPO                                                                                      66.6 Oz


Prop Adapter Puller
Had to make one, these collet type adapters are just to fragile to be pulling with screwdrivers and pliers

 I used a length of 1" Dia, about 1 1/.2" Long, aluminum rod, bored in one end 5/8" Dia. and tapped the other end for a standard M8 bolt
All the cutting was done with a hacksaw and a little bit of filing and I was finished.. I'll clean it up a bit with a finer file and some 400 Grit paper and add it to my tool collection...
1 hour or so of work and works like a charm!

Thought I'd post a couple picture of my flying field!

View looking north, I'm standing at the edge of the woods. North -South runway is straight ahead in center of picture, darker green area...

Here I'm standing on Grassy Knoll looking east.. 
I can toss plane  from here for a North, North -East launch or a Southerly heading launch.
Once I'am airborne I walk forward toward the flag and picnic table and stand there while flying ..
The flag  is at the intersection of my runways a good spot  to see all ends of the runways for landing!

Heres a shot towards the South , West, straight ahead  the Grassy Knoll !

A shot looking South , runway is darker green area in image, at center. Far treeline is extend of my Southerly range when flying base leg for approach with winds out of the North...

Dynaflite Bird of Time  BOT ARF  Build   March 9  2009