Bobs Plane -- Kersplat
Updated June 2013
will be electric, and color schemes done!
Updated Feb 7
Added some pictures for possible color schemes

Updated Dec 29

Updated Oct 17
Added some parts last 2 items

Updated Sept 25
Added some more construction pics!
Updated Sept 13
Added some more construction pics!

Updated Sept 6
Added some more construction pics!

Updated Sept 3
Added some more construction pics!

Updated Sept 1
Added some more construction pics!

Updated Aug 25
Balsa arrived today, rainy so I cut out the rest of the half ribs!

Updated Aug 21
4 wing spars have been laminated , spruce and balsa app. 6 mm x 6mm 50 inch long
with winglets overall wingspan will be 52"
Balsa hasn't arrived yet!

Updated 8 AM Aug 14
I started a List
Also need a couple rolls of Monokote two different Colors would be nice, your Choice!
Also Balsa wood,(have the wood)    I have spruce here for spars and wings as well as Miscellaneous Hardware...Screws nuts bolts
Balsa Wood ordered from Balsa USA app, $115.00 worth of wood

Channel 38 Crystals added to Transmitter and a Hitec Receiver I Have,

also 2 2 1/2 inch wheels and a 1 " wheel at rear..

Ordered Hobby King stuff on 27 June 2013, motor, esc, 3 servos, 2 batteries

Gonna get Craig to bring me a couple rolls Monokote when he comes home from Edmonton.

On a side note the 40 Amp esc I ordered is the same one that Craig bought 2 years ago, 6 $ and change then yesterday it was over 20$$

Flew two short flights today 28 June 2013  


I think I'm gonna add a Kersplat Logo on both sides of the rudder or??

Too late already done, note the flat rear tire!! LOL



1 only   D3535/6 Turnigy Motor 

3 only     S3317M   Servos

1 only     Speed control with Bec

1 only 1 inch rear wheel

2 x  batteries 3S 2200MAH Lipo


2 rolls         monokote  2 different colors!
Expendable Items
2 only     APC100040   —  Prop - 10 x 4

Your  Color Scheme, 1st 3 pics

Ribs and Half ribs after cutting, still need to be sanded and have spar grooves and turbulator grooves added

1/64 plywood fuseladge doublers and the 3/32 balsa fuse sides...

6 x 6 mm wing spars ..

Tail feathers , elevator and rudder

How things go together, fuselage side reinforced with 1/64 ply

Wing trailing edge bulkhead, slot is for linkages to elevator and rudder

Plywood pieces , Double engine mt, firewall bulkhead at right, tray and wing trailing edge bulkhead, left ... this bits get sandwiched inside fuselage sides

Left end of wing

Wing layup, all full ribs glued to lower spar

Rear half of fuse, servo rails for rudder and elevator servos and rest of bay for receiver and batteries.

Forward half of fuseladge, showing servo rails for throttle servo and gussets to reinforce firewall

Underside of fuselage , front, Plywood added for main landing gear...

Rear underside of fuseladge, pulled together and 1/8 ply mounting stiffener added for tailwheel bracket

Center wing detail, showing shear webs between spars and upper turbulator spar, as well as leading edge

Trailing edge of wing where it meets the fuseladge..
Plywood reinforcement being held down and glued for wing mounting bolts...

Rear wing mounting blocks , just above servo rails, still need to be drilled and tapped for wing mounting bolts..

Rear fuse detail, cross bracing

Wing tip detail, leading edge, some sanding still required..

Center wing detail, showing  mounting dowels forward edge. Rear gets attached with 2 x 1/4 in nylon screws

Center wing detail, underside, showing aeliron servo bay

Complete wing underside, the majority of the work being done... Lots of sanding left though

Major components put together, lots of sanding still needed also a hatch cover

Another view

Wing detail, built up ailerons held in with some tape..

Tail feathers, rudder and elevator. Hinge slots are cut as well . Two dowels used to locate these to fuselage. Will be epoxied together later

Kersplat  Build  August  2008