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Aquil E with Out Runner and 2 piece wings

This started as a conversation between Bill and myself on August 11 2013

and not willing to turn down a challenge..

I'm building an E powered Aquila with plug together wings.

Launch anywhere, and Portable 2 part wings

No Hi Start or Winch needed

Aeronaut 10 x 6 folding prop

Hyperion 2220-10 out runner

stab and rudder servos , HS82mg

Not sure what Bill has planned for the Spoiler servos

Battery a 2200 mah 3 cell lipo


I think I'm building a second at the same time, well at least copies of any pieces as I go along!

Sept 11 2013

Some more details on the build,

the plane weighs in at 1 KG, before paint , covering and final sanding.

That's with all the  goodies in the fuselage, and minus the spoiler servos in the wings

Wings are 175 G each with the spoilers

This is gonna be a light plane, I'm not sure how this compares with the STD Aquila

Sept 13 2013

A month or so after I started this plane, it is off to the Shipping Department.

I had a lot of fun building it, and I really really wish I could be there to see it finished

and witness it's 1st flight.

Oh well it won't be , however I'm sure Bill will get everything together and I'll get a picture, or maybe a video later.

Sept 29 2013

I shipped the plane on the Sept 16th, and Bill received it on the 24th. It arrived at US Customs

4 days after being shipped. They must x-ray this stuff as I had all the metal stuff nicely placed in the fuselage, and that's 

what they unpacked .

Oh, well the package spent the weekend with Customs in Plattsburgh.

Next time the metal parts will be packed separate, and be very easy to get at.

Next project is a Skybench  Skybird  132" WS kit, it's also going to have a spinner and slide together wing panels.

I should have the kit in a couple weeks .

Preliminary talk also revolving around an Aquila Grande, we have to confirm how the mods worked out with the Aquila E, in particular the 

wing tip extensions, and the motor setup before we proceed with this.

Can't wait.


For Information on the Elio




This write-up is a work in progress, and is not complete.....


watch for more details




Wing Build


Right wing, inboard leading edge, trailing edge balsa and spar caps in place


Right wing, I've added 2 lower rib caps at the break for a clean edge for the two part wings


Left wing


Left wing


Aug 23

right wing panel W10 ply webbing for joiner box, note the vertical grain

All ribs have been placed and glued except three at inboard end which are added after the rear W10 

is glued in


Joiner box ply webbing for dihedral break, wing panel ends will later be fitted with 1/16 Balsa rib and 1/16 Ply cap rib


wing joiner parts 1/8 ply

wing joiner in place

Aug 24 2013


Both center wing panels on board, being readied for installation of both wing tubes

Holes for spoiler servo wire can be seen clearly here


wing panels set up for gluing both 1/4 OD wing rod tubes.

A flat board and some measuring aids are essential to get this right


Right tip panel


Both tip panels,



Aug 25 2013


Getting Bored with this Build?


wings, wings, wings


Stay tuned , project about to move on to the next phase!

There's also some talk about other wing tips, Majestic style..

it may not be Bill's E though



 Aug 27

Joiner box left wing is complete. Right wing is also complete to this point.

There's a gap there for the 1/8 " needed for the two 1/16 plywood end caps, and they will be added

after the sheeting and the top rib caps are in place.. moving along


                                                 Completion of main wing panel joiner box


Right wing panel, sub-spar has been added as well as rear parts of the last two ribs
Top sheet on trailing edge is glued and pinned down.

I use epoxy on the entire length of the trailing edge.


Aug 29

Top leading edge sheeting in place on one wing panel

The best set of Aquila wings I've ever built







Sept 4

Left and right tip panels pinned down , and being prepared for the trailing edge top sheeting


Here the top trailing edge sheeting has been glued and pinned down


more 1/16 x 1/4 cap strips for the top surface

Left wing panel, spoiler in place and sheeting around spoiler opening glued in place



Sept 06 2013

Spoiler opening trim and remaining rib capstrips

Leading edge sheet , right tip panel

Same treatment for left tip panel

Right tip panel, remainder of capstrips glued in place

1/16 Ply cap rib cap strips at left wing join, fitted and ready to be glued

left wing panel end caps in place and glued



Sept 08

Right wing tip panel, ply end cap rib being glued

ply end caps right wing

Sept 11

Tips on Tips ,  Bill's E gets Tip Extensions

Right tip panel with extension, will need a little sanding later


left tip panel extension, 4 inches at the trailing edge


tip panel pinned in place at 10 Degrees

Sept 13 2013

Left tip panel extension

Right tip panel extension







Fuselage Build

It's all got to fit in, motor , battery , esc

I'll cut the nose off , and have the spinner set nicely , and can't forget the two servos . Actually I'll build another fuselage, that will be a little easier


I'd like to keep the canopy shape intact, so the nose will get cut somewhere forward of the opening



I'm using a existing Aquila fuse as a mock up, there will be no solid spruce nose block.

Also the bulkhead under the canopy will be positioned further forward leaving just enough room to remove the motor





Aug 27

Power train parts are here, motor , spinner, propeller and also a couple servos.

Now to get down to the business of the fuselage, stay tuned this is when things get exciting!

 G2220-10 Hyperion  90 Grams

Aeronaut spinner, yoke , blades etc. 40 Grams

HS82mg Servos 20 Grams each

Aug 28

I have another fuse which I'm using as a mockup.

I''ve placed the wings and the tail set in position to get a feel for where the CG lies


It became apparent the battery has to pass thru Fuse Former F-2.

This will allow for the flexibility I need to get this right


                Here I have the Fuselage sides marked and ready to be cut.

I just mark one side and set the other underneath and cut both sides at the same time, as well as noting good side as a left and right side is needed



Work in progress, build getting interesting, the Fuselage is starting to come together.

I may have to book a trip to Rochester to take in the maiden flight LOL


Aug 29

Former F-2 being glued in place, I've cut a pass thru so the battery can be placed behind the wing rod


Two part motor mount, sandwich.

Aluminum is just to allow the pre-load to stay when the motor screws are tightened.

I don't believe the ply will hold up to that.


Motor mount epoxied and clamped together



Aug 31

Top fuse deck, 1/4 inch balsa

Top fuse deck glued in place, straight edge used on both sides to

get a straight boom from the wing rod back

Rear canopy deck 3/4 x 3 balsa

Motor and spinner installed

stab ss cable termination, as well as 2-56 termination for one end of  rudder actuator

Servo rails in place and my larger 3s Hyperion Lipo. Rails can be drilled later for servo mounting

Lipo and servos from underside, the zippy lipos are narrower

Fin setup,  actuator termination. Stab pivot and fin ply side need to be added before fin can be aligned and glued in


Sept 08

wing root fairing fillers marked and ready to be cut

root fairing fillers

fillers glued to fuselage

stab fairing detail

                                                      Sept 10 2013


1/8 sheeting pinned down crossways fuselage bottom

Battery access door in place

Stab fairing and fin detail

Fuselage side and wing fairing detail

Battery access cover removed, forward tongue, and at rear a set of magnets

Fuselage lines

Canopy frame and 3 crosspieces in place


Sept 11 2013

canopy frame sheeted with 1/8 balsa, and forward and rear canopy formers glued and pinned in place

thumb hole for easy hatch removal

Sept 13

Canopy sanded to approximate shape.

It will need some final touches Bill, once you get the fuse sanded down a little smother


Canopy hold down pin and guide


Don't mind the stuff, there's a nice plane in there somewhere!

Off to Shipping

the rest is up to Bill, I can't wait


We have a name "Jazz", so I cut out some Monokote lettering, I hope it goes well with the color scheme

Everything laid out, don't want to forget anything!


In the Box

Voila3.2 Kg     44 x 8 x 10

                                                                                                                            Aquil E August  2013